Klavan On The Culture

You're Welcome, Tebow!

Those of you who carefully memorize this blog will remember how back in early November, after Denver man of God and quarterback Tim Tebow got himself crushed repeatedly by the Detroit defensive line, I offered the rookie a bit of advice from a seasoned veteran (of, like, life I mean). I acknowledged that Tebow was an inspiring person of awesome-is-itude derided by our corrupt media only for the purity of his faith, but I pointed out that, in professional sports, faith is not enough.  “If Tebow is going to continue to inspire,” I wrote in those mellifluous tones for which I’m justly admired, “he’s got to win, like Kurt Warner and Drew Brees.”

Well, as we see, Tebow has taken my advice, winning every game he’s played in the weeks since, and pushing the once-forsaken Broncos to a tie with Oakland atop the AFC West. And look, he doesn’t have to thank me, I’m just gratified to know my advice worked out for him. You’re welcome, Tim.

Barring a breaking story that diverts my attention, I’ll have more to say about Tebow, God and sports in my Monday column right here next week.