Stuff Conservatives Should Actually Like, Chapter III

Yes, it’s back.  That annoying, provocative—did I already mention annoying?—blog series in which I advise you to violate all your most deeply held principles in order to enjoy the arts that most offend you. I gave you apoplexy by saying a kind word about Tina Fey, made your gorge rise by singing the praises of Dexter—and I now move you to the sternest possible expressions of righteous condemnation as I celebrate a transvestite homosexual atheist who, bother the luck, also happens to be the funniest comedian alive.


To which of your favorite transvestite homosexual atheist comedians am I referring? Glad you asked. It’s Eddie Izzard. And the reason conservatives should like him is…  well, first off, he’s just so funny!  I think his most famous routine is the “Death Star Canteen” where Darth Vader goes to order lunch.  But my personal favorite is this one on the difficulties of Latin.  (Sorry about the subtitles but I post this version because I think it’s better than the others available.  I saw him do an even better version live in LA and laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my seat.)


Okay, here are some more reasons conservatives should like Izzard.  He’s clearly classically educated, which we approve of, and his humor comes from a deep understanding of and poignant love for western culture. He clearly is a sincere seeker after truth, which we applaud even when we don’t feel that the truth has yet been found. And for us believers, I would add that his rejection of God strikes me as, well, let’s say a stepping-stone. In any case, I would rather drink with an honest atheist than a pious fraud any day.

And lastly, we should never let the left’s idiot abuse of the notion of tolerance lead us to intolerance. Just because leftists think it’s somehow open-minded to makes excuses for black crime or gay exhibitionism or female rudeness doesn’t mean we should not accept blacks, gays and women per se as equal participants in the great human journey and potential friends and co-workers in the project of liberty. So many worthwhile people like Eddie Izzard, I feel certain, would embrace conservatism if conservatives would just stop turning them away with pharisaical self-righteousness.  Just saying.


Anyway, the point is, the guy’s hilarious.

NOTE:  A commenter below—in the ever-so-polite way of so many commenters (what is with that?)—has pointed out that Izzard, according to Wikipedia, “dismisses claims that he is a male homosexual, saying he is “a straight transvestite or a male lesbian”. He has also described himself as “a lesbian trapped in a man’s body”, transgender, and “a complete boy plus half a girl”. Whatever.  I seem to remember him finally coming out as gay a while back, but since I’m not sleeping with him in any case, it makes no difference to me.


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