Klavan On The Culture

"Lieutenant Dan Band" Now out on DVD

One last plug for Lieutenant Dan Band:  For The Common Good, a stirring and award-winning documentary by Jonathan Flora.  It was already available to watch online for $3.99 but now you can own a copy of the DVD by ordering here at Amazon.

Flora and his camera crew trailed after superior Hollywood humanoid Gary Sinise as he and his band toured military bases at home and in harm’s way to entertain the troops.  What’s cool about the doc is that, while it gives plenty of props to Sinise himself, you come away from it thinking not so much about him as about the guys and girls he entertains – to wit, those of our fellow Americans who are risking their lives for our defense and who deserve a thought or two now and again.

As I joked with Flora after a screening, “The film really made me want to go out and do something for the troops.  Fortunately, I lay down until the feeling passed.”  More seriously, the film truly does move you to want to do something for those who do so much for us.  So watch it – and then do it.