The Left is to Blame for "Inner City" Dysfunction

Excellent editorial in the Wall Street Journal this morning, defending Congressman Paul Ryan from the usual dishonest charges of racism from the left.

The Wisconsin Congressman has been looking into the problem of upward economic mobility and how effective federal programs are in combatting poverty. Appearing on Bill Bennett’s radio program, Mr. Ryan observed that antipoverty assistance can often create “incentives not to work and to stay where you are, that’s not what we want in society. . . . There are a lot of people slipping through the cracks in America that are not reaching their potential and we as conservatives should have something to say about that.”

He also mused: “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, so there’s a cultural problem that has to be dealt with.”


Beginning with Think Progress, the left immediately jumped on this, accusing Ryan of speaking in code, using “inner city” to mean black. But that’s not code, friends. That’s short-hand. And “inner city” doesn’t mean black, it means only those blacks who have bought into the lies and been seduced by the tax-funded bribes of the left and so been trapped in a self-destructive culture of illegitimacy, belligerent victimhood and financial irresponsibility.

In order to create a world in which powerful elites (them) can steal the money of hard-working Americans (us) in order to buy votes by flinging coins from their limousines at the poor (often in the inner city), the left has created a perpetual motion machine of black self-destruction. Convince black people they are helpless victims, give them free stuff that discourages work, sell them feminist and anti-religious social policies that destroy families, infiltrate their churches so that they cease to preach moral and ethical behavior and instead preach “social justice,” that pernicious phrase…  and then, when someone like Ryan has the testicular fortitude to point to the problems created by all this leftism, call him the racist. As bloody if.

The left has developed a wonderfully self-sustaining system. It works great — if, that is, you don’t like your fellow Americans whose skin happens to be dark. But the truth is: there is not one single thing inherent in being black that causes generational poverty and violence. It’s the leftism, stupid. It’s the policies.


It’s you, Think Progress, and the rest of the left — you people calling Paul Ryan racist…  you’re the ones to blame.

For more, check out this radical film, Runaway Slave.


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