RIP Vince Flynn

Oh, this is really sad. Vince Flynn, the talented bestselling author of international thriller novels, has died of prostate cancer at only 47. Flynn wrote the wildly popular novels about the CIA assassin Mitch Rapp. His books were not only cool, exciting and patriotic, they were also really well written. Rapp was a terrific tough guy character who brought rough justice to the world’s bad guys…  and if you’ve ever wondered why it’s taking so long for him to appear  in a Hollywood movie, it may be because Flynn knew who the world’s bad guys are, and a lot of people in the movie business don’t. Anyway, I never got to meet the man but the too-soon loss of an expert practitioner is something everyone in the business feels. God’s strength to his family. Rest in peace, Vince Flynn – you were one of the really good ones.



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