The Farmers Relief and Freedom Relay: Turn on the Water!

As the Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay, whose goal was to collect aid for Central California farmers rocked by environmental extremism and big government, prepares to head back home from a rally in Fresno with the suffering farmers, we reflect on the people we have met on the outbound trip.


Most pleasing was that people from all walks of life are upset by where the U.S. is heading — upset at the spurning of the Constitution and the un-American policies pushed by the current government.

Whether from the East Coast or from the wilds of Montana, people are concerned. Stops on the tour attracted all sorts: farmers, mountain men, and local talk show hosts. The vast majority were average folks eager to do what they could to help their fellow Americans. They gave what they could and did so with the generosity that the U.S. is so famous for.

There was great camaraderie at every stop, with people relieved to see so many others like them willing to show their support and fellowship. There were doctors, lawyers, and young adults. Many young Americans were far more clued in than their older compatriots, aware enough to be overwhelmingly against ObamaCare.

In Fresno, the three routes of the relay gathered to present Constitutions with signatures of attendees from the various rallies — and also to present the funds that were raised. The farmers and the local tea parties were there to greet the three routes and to thank them for their help. The Fresno Bee reported on the efforts:


Daniel Blackford, an activist from San Jacinto, Texas, said the educational aspect of the relief effort is critical. “Today, it’s the delta smelt out here,” he said. “Tomorrow, it could be some microbe in the water in Tennessee or any of those other states.”

Journalists of whatever ilk that the relays encountered seemed to be positive and impressed by the efforts to help the farmers in California. The epic nature of the venture was rather hard to dismiss, and it was reassuring to all that even a reporter from ABC was hard-pressed to find a way to spin it negatively.

From the local Fox affiliate in Fresno:

“Now they got the message … they’re getting organized to help us with whatever we need to do here,” Piedad Ayala said.

Organizers say they were able to raise $20,000 dollars in donations, and they filled three semi trucks with food, clothing and toys for Valley families battling unemployment because of the water crisis.

“If these pumps don’t run, no matter how much it rains, we’re not going to have the water we need to farm with next year, especially on the west side.”


The farmers and laborers that attended the event were pleased to hear about the current fundraising total, as well as the large amount of food that was provided by tea parties closer to Fresno.

The plight of the farmers in Fresno is not just a local issue — the upcoming cap and trade legislation will have similar effects on other industries. People across the U.S. are recognizing that the socialist, big government, statist method of controlling people’s lives will soon affect them. Those men and women who traveled thousands of miles across the U.S. are tired, yet heartened to know their quest was a successful one both in terms of fundraising and awareness.

Now it’s time for those they have met to keep the pressure going — and to get the water turned back on for the suffering farmers.


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