6 Percussion Masters

Truly the driving beat behind Cream, another band that without that insistent rhythm would have gone nowhere.

1. Ginger Baker – (with Cream) – “Strange Brew



I had the true privilege of seeing Rich perform, several decades ago. I played drums for around 30 years, and that old guy would’ve worn me out trying to play as he did.

2. Buddy Rich (Solo) – “HQ”


Cobham was, of course, one of the two drummers for the Allman Brothers.

3. Billy Cobham (with George Duke) – “Rush Hour”


Since I mentioned Billy Cobham, I have to mention Jaimoe as well.

4. Jai Johanny Johnson (with Sea Level) – “Storm Warning”


H/T Reformed Trombonist for this pick.

5. Garry Peterson (with The Guess Who) – “No Time”


OK, I suppose I do have to mention him. I still don’t consider Moon to be a maestro, more like a solid, constant, driving-beat kind of drummer, something of a boundless-energy madman.  Still, it’d be impossible to imagine the early Who without that beat backing everything up.

6. Keith Moon – (with The Who) – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”


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