'I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You'

Just like today, there were catchphrases that, well, caught.  Almost everyone then knew the lyrics, “I don’t care…what you do – I wouldn’t want to be like you.”


14. The Alan Parsons Project – “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You” (1977)


Editor’s Note: Over the spring and summer we launched the PJ Lifestyle Music at Midnight feature, highlighting reader suggestions for great songs worth featuring. One contributor’s infectious enthusiasm and good nature won us over. He’s since expanded his music recommendations to a series of list-article-mix tapes. Now in this daily feature we’re going to start drawing from his lists (and growing an archive of them) to discuss the songs and artists included. Who should be included next? What ideas do you have for music or other culture or lifestyle ideas you’d like to see discussed at PJ Lifestyle? Get in touch DaveSwindlePJM AT gmail.com or @DaveSwindle on Twitter. Here’s Allston’s archive so far, but he’s got more list-mix-tapes in the works:  

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