An Unsealed Room


A hallmark of almost every single interview I see with an Israeli spokesman or citizen on CNN – an attempt to get them to discuss the anger, fury and hate that Israel is obviously unleashing on Gaza. No matter how many time the Israeli tries to explain that Israel is not exacting any kind of revenge – they are trying once and for all to STOP ROCKET FIRE ON SOUTHERN ISRAEL – they just don’t get it.

If we’re bombing them, we must hate them, right? Wrong. I’ve seen a lot of emotions over the past week, worry, fear, frustration, depression, and yes, maybe some anger directed at Hamas and those who elected them who continue to choose war and conflict instead of peace and prosperity. But hate? None. Not a bit. Not at all. Not even from people in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheva and environs who are getting fired at.

How do we make this point????

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, and bombing Gaza doesn’t make IDF pilots HAPPY, either….

UPDATE: Loved this guy…