An Unsealed Room

Cows With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

There’s a story on Israeli TV about the kibbutzim that are right on the border, in the center of the military action with Gaza, Nahal Oz and Nir Oz. They are so close to the fighting, they don’t even need binoculars to see what we are all seeing on television. They have a ringside seat.

On Nir Oz, they raise cattle and the herds are freaking out from the booming and banging and bombing. Animal abuse! Somebody call PETA.

Of course, PETA wouldn’t like the kibbutz in the first place because they raise beef cattle. The farmer pointed to them and said that they are supposed to end up as steak, kabobs, and shishlik. And then he joked that if the Hamas had their way, he would end up as steak, kabobs, and shishlik as well.