Riots Are a Cancer in Portland and Seattle. It Must Not Spread.

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Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Left unchecked, these cells can form a mass of deadly disease called a tumor that can kill the host.


Not all cancers are physical. Is the Pacific Northwest a lost cause? Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Seattle and Portland.

Both of these Democrat-run cities are spiraling out of control. In Seattle on July 22, police recorded a crime spree as what the media keeps calling “peaceful protesters” went through downtown smashing windows, stealing stuff, and just generally plaguing the city.

“At about 9:00 p.m. a group of about 150 people gathered at Cal Anderson park,” the police blotter says. “The group roamed about the [Capitol] Hill neighborhood, doing massive amounts of property damage, looting, shooting fireworks, and committing arson.

“Individuals from the group broke the windows of a business in the 1400 block of East Olive Way and then started a fire inside. Seattle Fire was called to extinguish the fire.

“The group then went to the 1500 Block of 11 Avenue, breaking more businesses’ windows along the way. Individuals then broke into a business, took merchandise, and put it in middle of the street where they lit it on fire.”

They were just getting started. Police were on the scene and noted all the crimes the thugs committed but didn’t stop any, and they made no arrests. Why? Because Mayor Jenny Durkan and the city council have put the cops in handcuffs while they let the criminals roam free. Those criminals, the crime cells on the streets and the crime cell at city hall, are making Seattle’s downtown unlivable, a cancer on the American body politic.


Not to be outdone, downtown Portland continues to be one continuous riot, as it has been for about two months. There, the “peaceful protesters” keep setting the federal courthouse on fire as if they’re trying to burn the government out of the city. They have also attacked and injured federal officers deployed there to save the city from itself. “Peaceful protesters” shined lasers into the federal officers’ eyes and may have permanently blinded three of them.

This is what cancer does. It attacks healthy tissue.

ORWELLIAN: Portland Mayor Claims Officers’ Tear-Gas Response to Arson Completely Unprovoked 

Mayor Ted Wheeler actually marched with the criminals, and after the feds tear-gassed the courthouse-burners to shoo them away, Wheeler told cameras he saw no reason for the officers’ action — with the courthouse burning right behind him. He’s beyond reason or help, like a mind taken over by cancer.

Meanwhile back in Seattle, Mayor Durkin and the city council banned the police from using non-lethal tools to control or disperse crowds. Police Chief Carmen Best sent them a letter telling them that they are leaving the city’s residents and businesses on their own, so the riot cancer will grow.

The feds took the ban to court and got it halted, but the criminal rioters went on a rampage anyway. They burned a Starbucks inside an apartment building, jeopardizing the residents there — attacking healthy tissue.


ESPN’s Paul Gallant, Seattle resident, had been mocking President Trump for sending in federal officers to quell the “peaceful protests.”

His tune changed in a flash when they burned that Starbucks … since it’s in the building he lives in. Now, he’s looking at buying a gun. If he does, he would join the three million Americans who have bought guns since the riots started. Defunding police means Americans have to defend themselves, and they’re not stupid. Healthy tissue fights back.

The media is aiding and abetting the riot cancer every chance they get. Get a load of this tweet from ABC News about a riot in California. It’s not a parody.

“Protesters in California set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.”

When peace “intensifies” you don’t get violence and arson. You get more peace. The dude abides. He doesn’t run out and burn down the nearest coffee shop or attack someone.

Media just can’t bring themselves to report on what’s really happening, which is this: Mobs are turning Seattle, Portland, and other cities into cancers. Violent crime is surging from New York to Los Angeles. Even weird Austin, Texas, has a 70% surge in murders this year. The cancer is growing. Someone has to stop it.

Seattle Mayor Again Blames Trump After Rioters Blew Open a Police Station Using a Van Full of Explosives

The media and the Democrats are accusing President Trump of sending “secret police” — that’s Nancy Pelosi’s favorite phrase now — to stop the riots, as if a president has no authority to defend federal courthouses and protect Americans on American soil.


In the Constitution the preamble says — “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

“Establish justice” — rioters burn courthouses, which are symbols of the hard-won right to face a jury and not a faceless government if you’re ever accused of a crime. “Insure domestic tranquility” — that’s pretty hard even for an Oberlin College grad or a Seattle city council activist to misread. Rioting, arson, looting, assault — none of those fit any definition of tranquility. The federal government was established to ensure peace on American soil. We have to have justice, tranquility (peace), and a common defense so that we may enjoy liberty. If we lack those, liberty cannot be maintained.

Seattle and Portland are cancers and they are metastasizing. They are uncontrolled masses of seething rage against the greatest country that has ever existed. Maybe they don’t want to be American cities anymore. Maybe they want to be cut out.

If there’s good news to be found, it’s that the federal government is performing surgery on Portland. It arrested dozens of rioters Monday. That’s a good start. It’s past time to root these cancers out.


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