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Teacher, Teacher

September 3rd, 2014 - 5:21 am

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Was George Orwell prescient or what?
Thoughtcrime, Thoughtpolice and Room 101 are all alive and well in Dorchester County. All that I know is that if I lived there, my children, or in my case grandchildren, would never enter one of that Districts schools again.

As for our Novelist Educator, just what was the context of this 'School Shooting'? The random psychopaththat we see here from time to time? Or the avowed Revolutionary Terrorist with a 'Mission' of terror, like the Chechins in Russia. There is actually a world of difference between the two, as awful as both are. I do have the feeling that our scribe is looking at future filled with writting and absent any financial want, courtesy of the Good Burgers of Dorecester County.
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