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BlackBerry’s Late, Great Hope

July 1st, 2014 - 10:33 am


Short version: The Passport ain’t gonna save BlackBerry.

Longer version…

It’s big. Really big. CrackBerry got their hands on a preview copy, and it weighs almost twice as much as an iPhone 5S. The reviewer, who seems to love it, says ” it fits in your pocket… it fits and it’s snug.” This reminds me of when Ford bragged about the “road-hugging weight” of the Pinto, because that was the best thing they could think to say about their new pony car. The camera is nice, but takes three whole seconds to take a single HDR picture. My son’s hand-me-down iPhone 4S from 2011 does it in about one second, and my 2013-vintage 5S takes them nearly-instantaneously. The keyboard is excellent, and the predictive typing might just be the best in the business, but it’s impossible — even for CB’s large-handed review — to type with one hand. His thumb couldn’t even reach the entire screen.

Did I mention it weighs just shy of seven ounces? A full-size, 10-inch iPad Air only weighs 16 ounces; an iPad Mini just 11.

There’s probably a niche left for this monster, but it certainly isn’t going to win back any Android or iPhone users.

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Kinda ironic, but it looks like the dude took the picture of the thing using an iphone.

Isn't that an Apple logo in the reflection?
34 weeks ago
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I don't think one is allowed to do reviews for CrackBerry unless you, well, love every BlackBerry product.

The comments over there are just depressing in their Stockholm-syndrome nature.

("convince its target users that this is a must have cellphone if they want too be some body and not just a nother joker in the crowed."

And then someone else telling the guy off for wondering about non-English keyboards and daring to criticize BB before it releases.

As if worrying about the big non-English markets BB still has is irrelevant? As if pointing that out makes one a traitor to the Great BlackBerry?

Jesus, no wonder people like that think Apple Users are a religion - it's their only frame of reference to liking a phone platform.)
34 weeks ago
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I have poor vision, so I cannot use a cellphone. Too tiny. I can actually see that screen and keyboard, so there's that.
34 weeks ago
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Sorry, but.. Aaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
34 weeks ago
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