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Happy International Men’s Day

April 24th, 2014 - 2:55 pm

A friendly message from Andrew Klavan.

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All Comments   (3)
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Hey, what about the Toll House cookies? Don't men enjoy those too?
29 weeks ago
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I LOVED this.
And, as polemics goes, it was faultless...


Hedy Lamar was a freaking genius, and a very prolific inventor who MATERIALLY contributed to the Allied victory in WWII.
30 weeks ago
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Saying men did everything isnt the same as saying women did nothing. Its just that their singular, or the even rarer women-only-group, achievements are infintesimal in quantity compared with achievements by men. Most great scientific and artistic works of women are acomplished on teams with men. Which doesnt demean the great work theyve done. But they didnt achieve it 'as a woman'. They just did it as another scientist.

30 weeks ago
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