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Sinking Sink

March 10th, 2014 - 3:51 pm

Here’s the latest in FL13′s special congressional election:

With more than 119,000 ballots cast early or in the mail, the GOP holds a returned-ballot advantage of 4.06% — thereby reaching the magic number some observers believe the Republicans must be at by Election Day in order for them to win the seat.

According to the latest data — and this data reflects some cancelling out that does not show up in Pinellas Supervisor of Elections’ raw numbers – 48,123 ballots from Republican voters have been returned as of Friday, while Democrats have turned in 43,526. Third-party or NPA voters have cast 21,503 ballots.

119,000 early ballots seems like a lot for an off-year special election, doesn’t it?

David Jolly has a real chance to win this, but he and his team should be ready to pounce on any signs of irregularities — which is the nice way of saying “the Democrats will steal this election if they can.”

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Takes me back to the night, just last month, when San Diego awaited returns from its special mayoral election to replace Filthy Filner. Election Day was a hopeless tossup. The Republican won by 9 points, despite being massively outspent by Democrat out-of-state donations.

On the other hand, I wouldn't get cocky.
50 weeks ago
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republicans have to beat the margin of error and the margin of fraud. in pinellas county that is a non-trivial distinction.
51 weeks ago
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