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Mowing Down the Grassroots

February 4th, 2014 - 11:51 am

It seems even state and local-level Republicans are really Democrats:

Republican governors and lawmakers who now control a majority of state capitols have been pushing aggressively to cut spending and shrink government — with one glaring exception.

Many are pumping new money into preschool programs at a rate equaling or even exceeding the Democratic-dominated capitols stereotypically cast as big spenders.

The push reflects a conclusion among conservatives that one part of the social safety net deserves more government help, not less. If it continues, the move could be a step toward creation of a new educational entitlement at a time when both parties are concerned about the costs of the current programs, such as Medicare and Social Security.

Is there no one left to stop the spending madness?

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All Comments   (1)
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I think we need some Light Grenades.
But who do we give them to? Republicans or Democrats?
Can we get enough for both?
11 weeks ago
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