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YouTube + Netflix = Half the Net

November 12th, 2013 - 6:10 am


Maybe the Germans have a word for something which amazes you without shocking you.

The end of the report also stuck out:

Meanwhile, file sharing continued emaciating on many fixed-access networks as streaming video options like Netflix, YouTube, and others proliferate.

File sharing now accounts for less than 10 percent of total daily traffic in North America, down from the more than 60 percent it netted in Sandvine’s first Global Internet Phenomena Report released more than 10 years ago.

Five years ago, it accounted for more than 31 percent.

So it turns out, if you make movies and TV shows readily and easily available at a decent price, people don’t pirate them nearly so much.

Go figure.

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All Comments   (2)
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I cut the cord way back when getting streaming or downloaded content was really tough. But w/ Netflix, Hulu and Amazon maturing, the need for creative methods of getting shows is down to nil. I suspect lawyers and copyright have more to do w/ the availability of shows on streaming rather than anything else.
1 year ago
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iTunes music store was the beginning of the end for significant piracy. Netflix was the end of the end. All that's left now are the idealists and software thieves-- and even they're slowly going away due to subscription based high-dollar software models.

Make what people want convenient and reasonable, and they'll most always trend towards doing so. If only the tax code worked that way.
1 year ago
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