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The Incredible Shrinking Opportunities for Young People

November 8th, 2013 - 10:30 am

Jess Remington:

Condé Nast, the globally renowned media publisher that produces magazines like Glamour, The New Yorker, and Wired, announced late last month that it will no longer offer its internship program. The decision comes in response to a lawsuit filed by two former interns, Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Leib; in June, the interns sued Condé Nast for months of backpay, alleging that the publisher violated federal and state labor laws.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Leib alleged that the New Yorker paid him well below minimum wage—in stipends of $300 to $500—for each of the two summers he had worked at the prestigious weekly, where he reviewed and proofread articles. Ms. Ballinger alleged in the complaint that she was paid $12 a day for shifts of 12 hours or more at the fashion magazine.

The case is still pending, but Condé Nast’s decision has been made. The current crop of interns will not be affected – they will just be the program’s final participants.

Reminds me of a true story.

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, my grandfather would throw a company picnic each summer for all the employees. Food, beer, games, the words — all on a gorgeous summer Saturday in one of St. Louis’s many fine parks.

But I don’t remember which park, because I never got to go to one, not even when I was working summers there.

See, while I was still a small boy some smart Teamster filed a complaint against the company. The picnic, he argued, was a company event — therefore all the union guys should get paid for attending. And since it’s held on a Saturday, they should get paid time-and-a-half.

Grandpa didn’t even try to fight it. He didn’t consult his lawyer or anything. He simply and immediately cancelled the picnic and never held one again. In other words he went, in a very small way, Galt.

It’s a shame, too. I totally would have snagged some free beers.

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I'd love to see grandpa post a company bulletin every high summer for the duration of the company -


"Ex-Co would like to invite all employees to our annual summer company picnic! - But we can't, since we were sued by the union!"

Please don't join us next Sunday!

NO food!

NO games!

NO prizes!

ZERO fun for anyone!

Please, leave the family at home! (And stay there yourself, since we cannot have a party - union rules!)

NO ONE is welcome!

And be sure to drop a note of thanks to those who filed civil case!


Post it every single summer, along with pics of parties from the past, to be had no more. That'd be rich.
1 year ago
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You Grandpa should have just banned the unions guys from the picnic.
1 year ago
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This will be followed by more "occupy" mentality and carping that a graduate with an expensive English major should be able to find a good job.

It's a shame when the numbskulls among us ruin things for everyone.

BTW - back in the day, before the incessant bitching about not being paid enough, they probably would have had an actual job there, albeit at low pay. It's this kind of ingratitude that started the idea of internships in the first place. It's simply too expensive to hire low level employees that may or may not have any skill.
1 year ago
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