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Twitter Playing Partisan Politics?

November 4th, 2013 - 4:22 pm



“We were suspended yesterday late afternoon without a notice email,” Victoria Coley, who along with Eric Kohn is running the account, told The Daily Caller.

Kohn managed to get the account reinstated. “Tonight shortly before 11:30pm ET the handle was canceled again,” Coley told TheDC. “We are looking into the issue now to see whether Twitter can give us a reason.”

Higgins speculated about why the account was canceled on the website “Since we haven’t abused any of Twitter’s (seemingly quite subjective) standards, either someone at Twitter objects to the real cost of these ‘liked insurance I wanted to keep’ cancellations being given a human face,” Higgins wrote, “or there is an organized campaign by Obamacare-reality-deniers to spam Twitter with false claims of abuse. Either way, keep those photos coming!”

Yes! Keep those photos coming.

Stories like these remind me of a brilliant comment left here a few weeks or months ago, but I can’t remember who so I can’t find the link. I do however remember the gist of what they said.

Just like the GOP was captured by a small group of business interests in the late 19th Century and was made to do their bidding, the Democratic party has been captured by a small group of techno interests here in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Progressivism is the false “science” of politics, that Kinder & Gentler Marxism we’ve come to know too well. It seems to fit hand-in-glove with the tech industries, who see in everything an engineered solution. There’s also probably a good amount of rent-seeking involved, as today’s success stories seek to use the force of government to close the doors behind them to tomorrow’s would-be success stories.

Tomorrow’s start-up billionaires — the ones who upset and bankrupt established players — are usually the sons of the middle- and upper-middle class. So it should come as no shock that among the “unintended” consequences of ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank is to squeeze the middle class until it bleeds, and to lock the upper-middle class into place — all while using the education system to feminize upstart boys into compliance. The next Steve Jobs won’t be starting a business in his parents’ garage; he’ll be living in his parents’ basement, underemployed and sweating out the days until he turns 26 and is dumped onto the insurance exchanges.

It’s enough to make you weep — all that human potential being snuffed out before it catches its first breath.

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"It’s enough to make you weep — all that human potential being snuffed out before it catches its first breath."
My big misgiving about the Let It Burn doctrine.
1 year ago
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The way I understand it, twitter has an automated censoring mode that shuts down sites whenever a certain amount of complaints are hit. This could be for perceived insults based on race, sex, religion, “bullying” or what have you. With a big enough crowd, and/or judicious hacking, these automatic shutdown limits can easily be triggered. There’s some room for political bias/shenanigans there on twitter’s part, in deciding on triggers.

And then it takes a real thinking human to go in and override it the automatic stuff. Or not.

Another point for potential political bias, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. With sufficient unbiased, intelligent staff, they should be able to handle that stuff in a reasonable amount of time.

Twitter has a big IPO coming up soon, so you’d think they would want to clear this stuff up quickly. Assuming they truly are apolitical…..
1 year ago
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