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Falcons at the Ready

August 31st, 2013 - 12:33 pm

Falcons Ready

Via StrategyPage, a nice shot of five Falcons from our 8th Fighter Wing in South Korea. I always love pictures like this, because they warn the other guy that this is how expertly we just park these planes.

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All Comments   (4)
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I wouldn't get too shook up at photos of how the Jets are parked. Those are the same revetments that were in use when I flew F-4Ds in the 8th Wing with the 80th Tactical Fighter Squadron Headhunters (JUVATS!) in 1979. Those aren't the normal parking spots, anyway, but are just used for rearming/refueling between flights during the flying day. Normally, the jets are parked in hardened shelters, the locations of which have been known for probably 40 years or more.
51 weeks ago
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"Falcons?" Pffft.

You know very well those are Vipers, Martini Boy...
51 weeks ago
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Not to be the Eeyore here, but the planes were parked quite nicely on Hickam & Wheeler fields that day, long ago...
52 weeks ago
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I promise I won't regale with tales of the sisyphean task of parking one's armored vehicles on return from the field. Guess we were just trying to look good for the soviet satellites.
1 year ago
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