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May 24th, 2013 - 11:48 am


wo IRS chiefs (Steven Miller and Douglas Shulman) insisted that the singling-out of groups according to politics was in no way politically motivated. More hilarity. It’s definitional: If you discriminate according to politics, your discrimination is political. It’s a tautology, for God’s sake.

The IRS responds that this classification was for efficiency, to cut down on overwork. Ridiculous. How does demanding answers to endless intrusive and irrelevant questions, creating mountains of unnecessary paperwork for both applicant and IRS, reduce workload?

We are further asked to believe that a cadre of Cincinnati GS-11s is a hotbed of radical-left activism in America. Is anyone stupid enough to believe that?

That’s why the IRS scandal has legs. And because pulling the myriad loose ends of this improbable tale will be the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Democrat Max Baucus. So much for any reflexive administration charge of a partisan witch hunt.

You have to wonder if Baucus recognizes what kind of a train wreck he could be heading into. Or if he sees his job as providing bipartisan cover, or partisan gloss? And if Mike Lee can wrangle a seat at that table, I’ll DVR every minute of it.

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i suspect Baucus wouldn't be doing this if he hadn't already announced his retirement from the senate.

also a minor point to The Hammer. it only creates mountains of paperwork for the IRS if there was any intent of reading the stuff. it actually reduced work for the IRS as there was no such intent.
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jlw writes the truth. With a company I owned some years ago, I'd been on the receiving end of IRS request letters for more information. It became apparent early on that no one was reading this stuff, since they'd ask the same questions in follow-up and follow-up to follow-up letters. I could have just sent them Alice in Wonderland written in Latin. It was more of a delaying tactic, hoping we would go away. When I finally demanded a face to face with an agent, my request was processed.
1 year ago
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