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Good Question

May 17th, 2013 - 5:38 am

Former CIA chief David Petraeus on those heavily-edited talking points:

“No mention of the cable to Cairo, either?” Petraeus wrote in an email. “I’d just as soon not use this, then…”

Petraeus punted, however, writing that ultimately it was the National Security Staff’s (NSS’s) “call” to use the edited talking points.

He punted, eh? This was just a few weeks before he resigned for having an affair with his biographer — which the FBI (I think it was the FBI) had known about for quite some time. Was White House pressure, via FBI leaks, used to get Petraeus to punt, or did he do it on his own?

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I've suspected that Obama knew re; Petraus' affair before he was picked to goto CIA. And, in fact, saw that potential scandal as a point in favor of hiring him. When the time came that the Administration needed him to go, they had a stong card to play against him.
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Now, in light of the "scandal cascade" the revelation of Petraeus' affair (and the timeline in which the government knew about it) basically looks like yet another Nixonian trick.

Of course, I always gave it a 50/50 chance that there actually was an affair, and that Petraeus called their bluff and walked out ahead of the game. He'll be called back to testify, sooner or later.
1 year ago
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