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Nintendo Wii from 2006 Outsells Brand-New Wii U

April 16th, 2013 - 2:40 pm


In a research note to investors today, Pachter, who follows the gaming industry about as closely as any other analyst, said he believes Nintendo sold 55,000 Wii U units in the U.S. in March, representing a 17 percent decline compared to February. Perhaps even worse for Nintendo, its old Wii mustered 85,000 unit sales, falling 51 percent year-over-year, but still trumping a device that came out long before its latest.

Now would be a very good time to say, “I told you so.” Because I did:

Everything that Wii was — simple, intuitive — Wii U looks to be something else. Do XBOX and PS3 controllers scare you, with their size and all those buttons? Wii U controllers are bigger and more buttony. Which screen do you look at — the one in your hands or the one on the wall? Why the hell do I need a stylus?

I just don’t get it. That controller is such a huge slab of a thing, my first reaction was, “My God, it’s full of stars.”

Now, maybe I’m wrong. I didn’t “get” the Wii when Nintendo first showed it off. Then I saw how anyone could just wave the motion-controller around and start playing games, and it clicked. The Wii U seems to have none of that charm. The U looks like a desperate Hail Mary pass.

You’re officially out of ideas when your new console has a stylus and a second screen and a wand and practically zero on-board memory because you busted the budget on the stylus and the second screen and the wand. Nintendo just threw everything they could think of into a box, slapped a price tag on it and said, “Look! Mario in HD!”

Look, I’m not a tech guy. I never built my own computers, but I did just about everything else to them — but I gave all that up long ago. Megahertz and clock cycles and CPU loads and all the other crap I used to worry about, I just no longer worry about. I have kids and a job and a drinking habit to support. You know, the good stuff.

But I am a gadget guy, from way back. Still am. I’ve owned or played with almost all of them, and have been mostly disappointed through the years. (Although less so since switching to Apple products.) So it’s not that hard to figure out, oftentimes just from a press release, what’s going to sell and what’s not going to sell.

And the Wii U skinks to high heaven.

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I was never really much of a Nintendo fan. I bought a Wii and used it for about 3 months and took it back to Gamestop to trade it in. One of my friends on the other hand had ever Nintendo system going way back and a stacks and binders full of games. When I saw the press release for the Wii U I told him about it and he was like, "Oh Really!" But then as I started to describe the controller and the stylus stuff he just started to make a "Yuk!" face and said, "Why does the controller need a screen?" That's when I knew this thing was in trouble when it even leaves the diehard fan-boys scratching their head.
1 year ago
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its because old WII sells for $150 new and $75 or less used. new WII U is like $375.... were broke people! i have a hole in my truck tire, i air it up every time i want to go somewhere because i cant afford a new tire and this one cant be fixed. no way im gonna blow that kind of money on "games" when i cant afford things i have to have.
1 year ago
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I'll echo what Winja said. The regular Wii is relatively cheap, and it has a much larger stable of games than the WiiU does at this point. I should also point out that the Wii games WILL be playable on the WiiU. This is the same problem that Sony ran into with the PS3 (at the tail end of the PS2's life cycle).

I'll add in that everyone who I know that has a WiiU really likes it. And it's not a small sample. I'll eventually (when money/time opens up) get one.
1 year ago
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