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Susan L.M. Goldberg


July 13, 2014 - 8:06 am
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The above news clip represents what the average American hears on a daily basis regarding Operation Protective Edge, the latest military spate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been going on (officially) since 1948. In the span of the 2 minute report, the Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza were mentioned 3 times. What was not mentioned: These civilians have been instructed by their Hamas government to ignore the flyers and phone calls from the Israeli Defense Forces warning citizens to get out of the way of impending rocket attacks in their areas.

While an Israeli mother putting her baby to sleep in a bomb shelter is included in the report, what the reporter didn’t bother to tell you are the number of Israelis currently being hospitalized for shock. Nor did the report include the fact that this is just another day for the residents of Sderot, who’ve received a constant barrage of rockets since Israel relinquished Gaza back to the Palestinians in 2005. That’s nearly a decade of rocket fire, making the generation who grew up under these attacks old enough to train incoming school students in how not to suffer the inevitable PTSD associated with a lifetime of death threats flying through the air and landing in your back yard.

American audiences hear none of this because the majority of American and world media have fallen prey to Hamas’s most powerful ongoing terrorist operation: A disinformation and glasnost campaign designed to destroy western support for Israel through a constant barrage of media bias.

Here is how the disinformation and glasnost campaign has been executed in response to Operation Protective Edge :

Seed of Truth: Palestinian civilians are being killed by Israeli rocket fire in Gaza.

Pack of Lies: Israelis are safely protected in bomb shelters under the Iron Dome while their military targets innocent civilians in the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Ultimate Goal: Encourage American and worldwide support for the Hamas campaign to wipe Israel off the map and eliminate all evidence of the Zionist entity, including the Jewish people and their supporters, from the face of the earth.

The glasnost element is the most perverse. Hamas plays on the western disbelief in the idea of martyrs, portraying these women and children as “innocent civilian victims” of Israeli aggression. When speaking to the non-Western media, these dead are referred to in a term most recently used by Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, “the Gazan martyrs.” Glasnost is the term for glorifying the leader’s image abroad. In this case, Hamas is using the bodies of women and children to shield their missiles in life and glorify their reputations in death.

Some news agencies and opinion sites are catching onto this disinformation campaign, willing to call it “media bias against Israel.” This is more than media bias. This is a calculated effort on the part of Hamas to sway world opinion against the only nation willing to confront and fight against Islamic terror. Therefore, whether the mainstream media is a willing partner in this endeavor makes no matter. The bottom line is, the media is marketing this disinformation to audiences in America and worldwide that are watching blind, with no Iron Dome to protect them.

Susan L.M. Goldberg is a writer with a Master's in Radio, Television & Film. Preferred bar mates include Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia and Dorothy Parker. Her writing tends towards the intersection of culture, politics and faith with the interest in starting, not stopping the discussion. Follow her on Twitter @SLMGoldberg.

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Josh Earnest earnestly says that the US is willing to help negotiate a ceasefire.
Could they not do that by cutting of ALL funds to Fatah and Hamas? Or am I being too logical as well as cynical?
27 weeks ago
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Not reported, as well, in the general media is what was reported on Channel 10 Israel today, that the Hamas gangsters are telling the Gaza residents that those who fled, according to Israel's instructions for their safety, will be "punished."
As far as "media bias", even a relatively unbiased(as far as Israel-"Palestinians" go) Fox Media today was reporting that the Gazans were fleeing the bombs from IDF because of the increase in military action rather than fleeing because they were warned.
Another interesting note in "media bias", today on Fox News in an interview about Media Bias and "Double Standard", with Mr. Goldberg. He claimed that it wasn't so much "media-bias" but rather that some news is more interesting. He used as an example the news about the Arab youth that was killed by Jewish extremists as being very newsworthy because it was so much more unusual than the usual, c'v's' story about Arabs killing Jews. Yet, the story about the main Jewish extremist in the murder being a very psychologically disturbed person (so disturbed that he almost strangled his own child) was somehow not considered very interesting news. Such developments in the story are ignored.
One would think that the threatened Hamas punishment of "their own" people would also make interesting news. But the sad state is that there is extreme media bias and those who do such are, in a way, much worse than the people who are fighting for what they believe is their "rightful land and honor."(G-d forbid) Those who enable others to persecute the Jews without any benefit to themselves have a special curse reserved for them and are at the lowest level of humanity.
27 weeks ago
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> Glasnost is the term for glorifying the leader’s image abroad.
Ms. Goldberg, stop with this lie already.
The first time around you had an excuse of ignorance, of unknowingly repeating Gen. Pacepa's nonsense. Not anymore. Now you are willingly misleading your readers. Shame on you.

Abolition is the term for glorifying the image of slavery abroad.
That is what you are doing.

A couple of points that I would like to explain below:
1) Why I keep fixating on this
2) How you are doing damage to both the causes you supposedly want to help, as well as yourself and PJMedia.

1a) Terminology is important. Subversion of language is one of the most important tools of political warfare. People calling themselves "liberals" could not be farther away from real, classic liberalism. The word "Palestinian" had been hijacked to mean something opposite from what it meant up until a few decades ago. To control the language is to win half the battle.

"Glasnost" means "openness within government". Period. Full stop. You can ask any native Russian speaker. Or anyone who has been even semi-conscious in the 80s. I know for a fact that there are some of them right here at PJMedia. The term "Glasnost" had nothing to do with the West. It had nothing to do with polishing the image of Gorbachev or any other Soviet leader.
It means solely "openness in government".

To state what Pacepa, through you, is stating, is to be completely, blatantly Orwellian. "War is Peace", "Ignorance is Strength", "Slavery is Freedom". Pacepa and you just added "Openness is Deceit" to the list. Congratulations.

1b) By parroting Pacepa's nonsense, you are slandering several generations of Soviet dissidents. Brave people who have done so much and sacrificed so much to bring Glasnost, Openness, Truth to their countrymen. People who fought an implacable and merciless system.
Neither you nor Pacepa, who was a big and menacing part of that system, are fit to shine their shoes, yet you somehow find it in yourself to denigrate their sacrifice by lying about their aims and their vision. Shame on you, Ms. Goldberg.

2a) I don't pretend to know the motivations of Gen. Pacepa. He is obviously an extremely smart and cunning man. One could not have climbed, -- entirely on merit, -- to the top of one of the most feared Secret Police agencies in the Soviet Block, while becoming a trusted advisor to one of the most ruthless dictators of the Evil Empire, in essense becoming Ceaușescu's Beria, without being an extraordinary man.
So, I can't begin to understand why he found it necessary to take an honorable and vitally important term "Glasnost" and build a boogieman out of it. Maybe it is his way to get revenge against his old Russian masters. Maybe it's something else. I don't know and I don't care.
I also find it hard to be surprised by him doing it. After all, it is the height of silliness to be offended by reading a lie in a book called "Disinformation".

I do know that to take a term that means "openness in government" and make it into its opposite, to be derided and despised, is an evil thing to do, and doubly so now, in the age of Obama.
Shame on you for doing so, Ms. Goldberg.

2b) For some reason, you had to write a perfectly good article on the plight of Israel, and then artificially insert this nonsense into it, totally out of context. Why do it?

In any case, I believe that you are doing the cause of Israel harm.
Anybody who knows the Russian language, or who remembers the 1980s, will read through your article and be jarred by this idiotic attack on the well-known and well-understood term. The question then immediately pops into the reader's mind: If she is lying about Glasnost, what else is she lying about?
I don't think that is what you are trying to achieve, Ms. Goldberg. I don't think that you are actually trying to sabotage your readers' feelings towards the real topic of the conversation, which is Israel. I don't think you do, but don't you see how a little lie begets a lot of mistrust?

2c) The same holds for this site in its entirety. The question in this context is, if this columnist is lying to me in such a shameless, easily provable way, what does it say about PJMedia as a whole?

So, to come back to the main point: Stop perpetuating Gen. Pacepa's disinformation, Ms. Goldberg. Just stop it.
27 weeks ago
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There was an AP report about an Israeli missile that damaged the first floor of a facility for mentally disabled people.
Now that's just barely possible, but usually the damage happens in the upper floor or floors of a building. The report sounded to me a lot like the now-distant report of an Israeli missile destroying a Hezbollah or Lebanese ambulance. In the photos, it was clear that no missile had ever touched the ambulance.
The report could be truthful -- missiles do odd things -- but it suffers from the credibility issues that the Palestinians have created for themselves among fair-minded people.
Of course they don't care much about fair-minded people, the Palestinian leadership, because fair-minded people know the leadership is in the wrong.
27 weeks ago
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careful counter battery fire is the only option for Israel. they cannot allow un-restricted rocket fire into their homeland nor can they afford to be drawn into a plot to cast them as a villain.
27 weeks ago
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It's amazing how many libs are retweeting lists that show buildings and casualties in Gaza. If you're going to compile such lists and not have the number of rockets shot out of Gaza right in along with the rest of the stuff, that's intellectually dishonest and I'm not going to read it. The fact Hamas rockets are inaccurate is also somehow supposed to be a plus for Hamas. Everyone knows they'd launch guided rockets if they could. The irony there is it would probably be the end of Hamas if they did.
27 weeks ago
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I've never understood why Israel has always declined to wage a definitive war and destroy Hamas, and all the other groups. These people exist only to kill Jews, and they've had a lot of success over the years. You'd think with this kind of enemy, Israel would go in for the kill.
27 weeks ago
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Exactly. Instead, the Israeli government seems to like this recurring game of rockets and retaliation. They certainly have done little to keep it from happening over and over again.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well, I would assume that it has something to do with the threats coming from EU, UN, and even their "friends" in the US.
"seems to like"…nothing like falling down the steps while running for the shelter or trying to calm children who wet their beds at night from PTSD…what's not to "like?"
27 weeks ago
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Additionally, the Israeli Left, which owns the Judicial Ministry, ties the Cabinet's and PM's hands, see….

These are the "elites", not real Israelis.
27 weeks ago
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Israel has shown remarkable restraint in targeting the Hamas rocket launcher sites, the Islamic terrorist murderers who fire the rockets and the command & control and supply depots where this latest campaign is being directed from. Perhaps just because of the tremendous restraint imposed on the IDF, the Hamas terrorist murderers feel emboldened to continue their rocket attacks against Israel. Maybe the time has come for Israel to take off the gloves and destroy Hamas; it cost civilian lives as well as the lives of Israeli soldiers but in actuality all the Hamas terrorist murderers are civilians since they do not have a recognized state and a national army. If Israel can eliminate enough of the Islamic terrorist murderers so that their women finally get tired of burying their husbands, sons and fathers maybe then there will come peace. It's a long shot I know.
27 weeks ago
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Hey, everybody! Hamas just hit its own electric grid. In the crazy world we live in, Israel is supplying electricity (not to mention gas and water) to an entity at war with it. However, the PM told the electric company not to endanger their people in rushing to fix it.

Oh. and a Hamas missile hit Arab-occupied Hebron, damaging several buildings. In an unusual burst of sanity, the Israeli military decided not to shoot the rocket down.

You can't make this stuff up! God is on our side. Somebody ought to be, since often we aren't on our own side.
27 weeks ago
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Thanks to leftist pig al gore the Jihadists now have
An American media outlet for Al Jazeera Jew Hatred
And anti-Israel propaganda. To think this Jihad enabler
almost became US president...well, we got one even worse
In the White House now.
27 weeks ago
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