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Scott Ott


July 11, 2014 - 9:26 am

NOTE TO READERS: I tried to call Senator Harry Reid this morning, but couldn’t get through. I know he must read, so forgive me as I use this site to pass on crucial information to Sen. Reid.

Dear Harry,

The evil Koch brothers have done it again!

Their track record of corrupting people has reached a new low. This time, the Kochs have forced AFSCME to openly discriminate against the black leadership of the United Negro College Fund. That’s right: the government workers’ union just announced they’re cutting off the $50,000-$60,000 per year they gave UNCF for scholarships, allegedly “in protest.”

So, now we know the Kochs’ nefarious purpose in donating $25 million in scholarship money to the UNCF earlier this year. They must have known it would convert our union-boss friends into a bunch of hideous racists.

Don’t let AFSCME leaders justify their racism by telling you that they’re still going to do the scholarships, just not via the United Negro College Fund. That’s just saying that ‘whitey’ knows best how to distribute funds to black students at our historically-black colleges.

Please do something now — perhaps make a speech about the Koch brothers on the Senate floor! If we let them go on like this, giving money to minorities, pretty soon our whole Democratic coalition will become a bunch of bigots.

Your Faithful Friend,

Scott Ott

Scott Ott co-hosts a news, commentary and humor show called Trifecta on PJTV. He created and hosted the 20-part series on the Constitution titled Freedom's Charter. His satire site, ScrappleFace, spawned three books and praise from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and many others.

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Those despicable low-life creeps! I've heard of some really rotten things done by those Coke Brothers but this really does torque the old cork! Why can't they be more like Georgia Soros, or what ever her name is and just donate to political parties and try to overthrow banks? What's the matter with then? They must be brain (Hah!!) dead One of these days I'm going to tell those two O.F.s off, just see if I don't!
22 weeks ago
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I think Harry's still pondering the 5 White men deciding the fate of women's vaginas, consequences of "choice", and "FREE" contraception of their choosing.
Better ask Nancy what she "thinks" instead.
23 weeks ago
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Substitute "Radical Democrats" for "Koch brothers" in Reid's tirade and you begin to understand how we feel about him and the Democrat agenda.
23 weeks ago
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