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Stephen Kruiser


June 16, 2014 - 1:31 pm

At least he’s honest about it.

A New York lawmaker wants to grant many of the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizen residents, including the right to vote in local and state elections, under a bill introduced on Monday.

The New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such broad rights to non-citizens who can show they have lived and paid taxes in New York for at least three years, according to the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Gustavo Rivera.

“Nearly 3 million people in the state of New York currently reside here and make New York their home, but can’t fully participate in civic, political, and economic life,” Rivera, a Democrat who represents the Bronx in New York City, said in a telephone interview.

He described the bill as a response to the stagnation of immigration reform efforts in the U.S. Congress.

The “stagnation” exists because most efforts at “reform” are just veiled attempts to do exactly what this bill aims to do: make something that is illegal for a good reason legal just to mint new voters.

Since the national efforts keep stalling (for now) look for more of these state efforts and look for them to be this brazen.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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I'm waiting for the first of the anti-American democrat politicians to argue that it is cruel and inhuman to force these illegal aliens to actually come north and cross the border to qualify for Yankee goods and benefits and, that, these deserving folks should be able to qualify in situ.
36 weeks ago
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Needing some fresh democrat voters that's all.
36 weeks ago
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