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June 12, 2014 - 6:33 am

Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun group has caught the attention of CNN. CNN is one of the many news outlets that reported on the Everytown for Gun Safety list, in which the group claimed that there have been 74 school shootings since Newtown.

Upon closer inspection, CNN finds that there haven’t been 74. There have been 15.

Which means that Everytown was just 80% off.

Everytown says on its web site that it gleans its information from media reports and that its list includes school shootings involving a firearm discharged inside or on school grounds, including assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings.

CNN determined that 15 of the incidents Everytown included were situations similar to the violence in Oregon — a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school. That works out to about one shooting every five weeks.

Some of the other incidents on Everytown’s list included personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals.

Question: Is Mike Bloomberg paying Everytown to lie, or did they come up with the idea to lie on their own?

h/t Hot Air

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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There's plenty of discussion busting the narrative of the 74 shootings. Well and good.
Terminology matters. A "statistic" is an estimate of something like typical or average height, based on a sampling and projected to a larger group. If I measured twelve NBA players' heights (a "sample") and averaged them, that would be a statistic that I believed to be representative of the NBA players as a group (a "population").
The bogus "74 shootings" is a metric, a single measurement. It's not an average from a sample nor a guess for a population, so it's not a statistic -- just as one person's experience is not a statistic ("wear your seatbelt so you won't be a statistic!" drives the average statistician nuts).
37 weeks ago
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Interesting that CNN busted their own narrative. Odd behavior for the MSM.

37 weeks ago
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You ever wonder why mass, random school -- as in primary and secondary school -- shootings didn't start happening until 1974? I guess kids just started figuring taking a life was just a matter of personal choice for some reason.
37 weeks ago
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Hmmmm. Why woujld that be, Bill? Have any ideas?

Maybe.... Nah, it couldn't be! There's no way!

Or maybe....

Maybe ideas, and Supreme Court decisions, have consequences.

37 weeks ago
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