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Stephen Kruiser


May 21, 2014 - 7:17 am


The White House fought on Tuesday to contain the growing political furor over allegations of misconduct at the nation’s veterans hospitals as Republicans, eager to use the issue in the midterm elections, seized on the reports as new evidence that President Obama is unable to govern effectively.

Rob Nabors, the president’s deputy chief of staff, will fly to the Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in Phoenix on Wednesday to assess the most damning reports — that government workers falsified data or created secret waiting lists to hide the long delays veterans faced before seeing doctors.

The president is also sending Denis R. McDonough, his chief of staff, to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to consult with the chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Senator Bernard Sanders, independent of Vermont. Lawmakers are working on bipartisan legislation that would give veterans officials greater authority to fire those responsible at the department. The House is expected to vote on Wednesday on a bill, and the Senate is expected to hold hearings on the legislation soon.

Inside the White House, officials said that there was no political panic but that the issue was of serious, substantive concern — unlike, they said, a previous Republican uproar over extra scrutiny given to Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service.

That was an extraordinarily hacktastic move to get in a dismissal of the IRS targeting “scandal that wasn’t a scandal”.

The tone of the article is that the VA scandal makes it appear as if this administration is a train wreck, not the obvious, “This administration is actually a train wreck.”

In a curious move, the article mentions that Obama is getting grief from his “liberal pop culture allies”:

The incidents have also generated a new round of condemnation from the president’s liberal pop culture allies, an indication that anger about the allegations has moved beyond the halls of Congress. On Monday, Jon Stewart on Comedy Central mocked the president’s top officials, including Mr. Shinseki, for what he called tepid expressions of outrage and anger in recent days.

Reacting to Mr. Shinseki’s declaration that he was “mad as hell” about the allegations, Mr. Stewart said, “Your ‘mad as hell’ face looks a lot like your ‘Oh, we’re out of orange juice’ face.”

They get back on target, finishing up with a warning to Republicans about using this scandal as a “political weapon”.

In summation: the problem isn’t really the problem, the problem is that the Republicans are making the public aware of the problem.

Got it.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE ISSUE!!! The unions and the VA have a compensation policy that establishes the quantitative limits for maximum bonuses. For example, if a given facility reduces wait time by 12%, all level "x"es and above get a 8% bonus. Then, all efforts are to reduce wait times!
They will lie and fabricate to get the bonus. They are all union members in a crooked union world.
That is what we are dealing with, criminal unions and government agencies who bow to the power of these unions.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
The Times has the drill down; nothing is Obama's fault. Everyone else is getting their marching orders now. In a matter of days we will loose track of the amount of times the MSM pundits say the phrase "But the Bush Administration..."
Of course Harry Reid will blame the VA scandal on the Koch brothers.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
Mark Steyn pointed out yesterday that the VA is the scandal the media has decided to focus its exclusive attention on....since, of course, it has been around for decades and will be easily be pinned on Bush, Reagan and other Republicans. Little Lenin will be portrayed as an innocent lamb.

Expect legislation from the outraged boy king to the tune of 2 or 3 trillion dollars, which of course, will be voted down.

That should be worth 2 or 3 senators to the marxists in 2014.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
Wonder how Mr. Clown Nose On/Off is going to like having the New York Times plunk him squarely down as Patient Zero among Obama's "liberal pop culture allies"?
40 weeks ago
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