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March 23, 2014 - 2:21 pm

Colorado’s House Health Insurance and Environment Committee has passed a bill that would make it more difficult for parents to opt out of the state’s child vaccination requirement. The bill would mandate a state-sponsored education program for parents who don’t want their child vaccinated and would force those parents to “acquire the signature of a health care professional confirming disclosure of possible health risks ‘to the student and the community.’”

Similar measures have passed in three other states, while many other states are considering the question of mandatory vaccinations for school attendance.

The debate in Colorado was passionate.

State Rep. Dan Pabon (D) proposed the bill to ensure that parents are more informed and “that they’re not just opting out simply because of convenience,” according to the Denver Post.

“Vaccine refusal results in higher rates of vaccine-preventable disease,” Pabon said. “This is a public health issue. These are very serious diseases.”

Colorado has the sixth-highest rate of non-vaccinated public school kindergarteners. The bill will also mandate all licensed schools and day care centers to release public records on the percentages of their non-vaccinated children.

“There are kids who can’t get vaccinated because they’re immuno-compromised and are being exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases,” Pabon argued on Thursday. “To add on top of that, older populations that have medical conditions are also at risk.”

Although the bill would not eliminate the personal belief exemption, parents opposing the legislation argued that increased education mandates could lead to the erosion of parental rights during Thursday’s testimony before lawmakers.

“Parents have a constitutional right to parent their children,” Susan Lawson, whose daughter developed encephalitis after a routine vaccine when she was a year old, told CBS Denver. “I am not an uneducated woman.”

Anti-vaccination advocacy group National Vaccine Information Center has also attacked the proposal as one that “singles out and discriminates against a minority of parents with sincerely held personal beliefs … by assuming they are uneducated and should be forced into a state approved ‘education’ program.”

When my mother heard of the breakthrough by Jonas Salk in developing a vaccination against polio, she fell to her knees and thanked God for his mercy. We, today, have absolutely no conception of the rank fear that gathered in the breasts of parents prior to the polio vaccine. Every cold in our family would put her on edge. And all of us grew up in an age before vaccines for measles, mumps, and whooping cough. These diseases were — and are — childhood killers. I’m sure the controversy today over vaccines would perplex her to no end.

The odds of a child dying from measles are 50 times greater than the child experiencing any life-threatening side effects from that vaccine. Prior to 1963 before the vaccine was introduced, there were 4 million cases of measles per year in the U.S. with an average of 450 deaths. On the other hand, there are severe reactions to the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) in only 1 of about 2 million doses. What rational parent makes a choice not to vaccinate their children?

The supposed link between autism and vaccinations has been debunked over and over, and yet the belief still persists. The Centers for Disease Control examined the question of autism and the safety of vaccines in general:

Evidence from several studies examining trends in vaccine use and changes in autism frequency does not support such an association between thimerosal and autism. Furthermore, a scientific reviewExternal Web Site Icon by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that “the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal–containing vaccines and autism.” CDC supports the IOM conclusion that there is no relationship between vaccines containing thimerosal and autism rates in children.

The IOM also recently conducted a thorough review of the current medical and scientific evidence on vaccines and certain health events that may be observed after vaccination. It released a report in August 2011 on 8 vaccines given to children and adults that found the vaccines to be generally safe and serious adverse events following these vaccinations to be rare.

We are paying a price for our scientific ignorance. Parents who don’t have their children immunized do so largely because they think the diseases are wiped out or there is little chance their children will be infected. But because of falling rates of vaccinations among children, these diseases are making a roaring comeback:

Measles, mumps, whooping cough — all deadly diseases. Until recently, they were virtually eliminated thanks to vaccines that prevent kids from getting sick.

But now doctors see an alarming trend — more and more people are coming down with these diseases.

“Kids die from measles on a regular basis. Kids are in hospitals and can die from whooping cough very commonly. So these kids are at risk,” said Dr. Scott Krugman, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.

Here in Maryland, cases of whooping cough are skyrocketing — tripling from 123 cases in 2011 to nearly 370 last year. Outbreaks of measles and mumps have swept through states across the country.

The explanations made by parents for not vaccinating their kids are pathetic, as you’ll see on the next page.

So, if these diseases can be prevented by a vaccine, why is a growing number of parents not getting their children the shots? Some fear the vaccines can do more harm than good.

“These vaccines and all of these doses also can be deadly,” an Annapolis mom said.

After researching vaccines and talking with doctors, an Annapolis mom decided not to vaccinate her young children. She asked WJZ to hide her identity because other parents are angry her kids could put their kids in danger.

Bui: “What happened that led you to make this decision not to vaccinate your kids?”

Annapolis mom: “It just didn’t’ make sense to me. I didn’t understand why a little human had to get so many drugs at one time.”

She believes her family’s healthy lifestyle will keep her children from getting sick. But most doctors insist that’s not enough.

Maybe she should consider hiring a shaman to ward off the evil spirits. Works just as well as eating arugula.

I suppose you could make the argument that the CDC is in the pockets of Big Pharma and are doing their bidding by cooking the books on vaccines. I’ve seen it all over the internet and in emails so I know that someone is reading that crap. And, if you wished, you could ignore the studies done by respected scientific organizations (or similarly lump them in with the CDC as doing Big Pharma’s bidding) that say there is no causal link between vaccines and autism, and substitute pseudo-scientific pronouncements from people selling a book or product, telling you not to vaccinate your kids.

You can choose to believe anything you want. But when your beliefs place others in danger, that is a moral and civic wrong. Yes, you are free to parent your children any way you please. But you are not free to endanger the lives of others. Not getting your children vaccinated is an unconscionable omission and sending parents to school in order to try to knock some sense into their heads is the least the state can do to protect children from their stupidity.

Rick Moran is PJ Media's Chicago editor and Blog editor at The American Thinker. He is also host of the"RINO Hour of Power" on Blog Talk Radio. His own blog is Right Wing Nut House.

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One might ask the question. The same government who is urging or legislating us to get our children vaccinated is also telling us that the fate of the world hinges on man man global warming. Should we believe one "scientific theory" but not the other, or both, or none?

This same government is also lying through it teeth about unemployment statistics, CPI, and government debt. Such is the corrosive nature of lies.
48 weeks ago
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I also remember my mother's joy when then polio vaccines came out. I had an elementary school classmate who got polio and was completely disabled.

I agree that parents do have the right to decline immunizations for their children, but they are unwise to do it. There are specific ones which call for care; if your child has an unusual reaction to a first pertussis shot, don't let her get another one. Modern parents don't realize how terrible some of these childhood diseases could be, like the commenter above who assumes that chicken pox is relatively benign. Not always.
48 weeks ago
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There is a massive elephant in the room which is NOT being looked at - very conveniently by the vaccine industry and the government.

Our children are receiving 36 shots containing 126 vaccines to age 6. At no time in nature would a human get measles, mumps and rubella at the same time plus a battery of toxic adjuvants. Natural immunity deals with one disease at a time. Native immunity emphasises TH1 and pharma products such as vaccines hyper-stimulate the TH2 which is associated with auto immune disease, asthma, lupus etc. The immune system of a child may already be out of balance This is called cytokine dominance and instead of TH1 and TH2 immune system working in balance they are bipolar similar to what happens when someone’s brain becomes unbalanced. It can become so unbalanced over time – that the immune system can mistakenly, abnormally, identify you as an invader, one of your organs, one of your tissues.
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According to Dr. Campbell McBride: "If you look around, how many healthy children would you see? Childhood asthma, eczema, diabetes, allergies, hay fever, digestive disorders, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders have all gained epidemic proportions! The majority of siblings of autistic children have eczema, asthma or another one of those disorders. And though all these health problems appear to be different, they have one thing in common. A very big thing - a compromised immune system with suppressed Th1 and overactive Th2 parts of the immunity. These two opposing arms of the immune system normally should be in balance. But in these children they are out of balance reducing the body's ability to fight infections and predisposing the child to allergies and autoimmune reactions. A compromised immune system is not going to react to environmental insults in the normal way! Vaccination is a huge insult for the immune system. The manufacturers of vaccines produce them for children with normal immune systems which will react to these vaccines in a normal way. And perhaps 50 or even less years ago the majority of children had normal immune systems, so vaccination was producing the expected results of protection against infections without any harm for the body. However, in our modern society with our modern way of life we are rapidly moving to a situation where a growing proportion of children do not have a normal immune system and will not produce an expected reaction to the vaccine. In some of these children vaccination, putting an enormous strain on an already compromised immune system, becomes that "last straw which breaks the camel's back" and brings on the beginning of autism, asthma, eczema, diabetes, etc.. "
47 weeks ago
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We have a legitimate dilemma here and I emphasize "legitimate."
There is a lot of scientific evidence that vaccines are effective, though not completely, and safe, though not completely. "Herd immunity", the vaccinated status of most children and adults, means that those who aren't -- can't or choose not to be -- get some protection because they're much less likely to meet someone who has the active illness. This protection also extends to individuals who had the vaccine but for whom it didn't work correctly.
So I agree that vaccination is a private good and in some measure a public good, like trash removal and clean handling of sewage.
But there are those who think I've swallowed pseudo-scientific bilge and that vaccinations are far less effective and far more dangerous than I believe. If I respect their beliefs, they gain liberty and I cherish liberty. But if I respect their beliefs, there's a significant chance that their children will suffer and other children -- the herd members who don't have immunity -- will also suffer.
I won't pretend I have the answer. But it's more complex than "you swallowed pseudo-scientific bilge" on both sides.
48 weeks ago
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Mt Geoff - yes it is a dilemma as if you do vaccinate you may be a carrier for a time and if you don't you may also be a carrier. I think some vaccines are not working so well because the older ones which worked very well were also causing massive side effects. The new ones are safer but less effective.

"The FDA published a study they had conducted on the pertussis vaccine, admitting that cases of whopping cough were increasing among a highly vaccinated public. They studied the effect of the vaccine on baboons, and found out that vaccinated baboons still carried around whooping cough in their throats, spreading it to others. The N.Y. Times actually reported on this in their “Health Section”.
48 weeks ago
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I am not anti vaccine, but I am anti-over vaccinating. One that I think is particularly oversold is the flu vaccine. i know of at least one individual whio came down with Guillain Barre Syndrome after being forced to get the vaccine against his better judgement. I think Judy Lucy is on the money with her comments. By the way, shouldn't we be a little skeptical about research that always seems to agree with the status quo? Most medical research today is flawed, lot of fraud involved. I take it with a grain of salt, just like the so called settled science of global warming.
48 weeks ago
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I was given the anti-vaccine lecture by a cashier at a thrift shop. There have been outbreaks of children's diseases including whooping cough. Most of the illnesses have serious side effects. Shots for most didn't exist when my son was a baby but he got the Salk vaccine at the doctor's office and the Sabin under an Army tent at Ft. Bragg, N.C, I knew people who died from polio but my grandchildren had never heard of it. Maybe parents who refuse the vaccine may not know how serious the diseases are.
48 weeks ago
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No we parents are not stupid - we very carefully study the scientific data and there is much more scientific evidence showing vaccines are dangerous than that which proves their safety which is Nil and I am still waiting for someone to post a proper placebo study.

A study analysing the government's own VAERS database shows an extremely worrying correlation between the number of vaccines an infant receives and hospitalisation and deaths.

. Our findings show a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses administered and the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths. Since vaccines are given to millions of infants annually, it is imperative that health authorities have scientific data from synergistic toxicity studies on all combinations of vaccines that infants might receive. Finding ways to increase vaccine safety should be the highest priority.
48 weeks ago
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Have you ever seen anyone die of tetanus? Have you seen people struggling with the consequences of polio? Have you ever seen anyone die of measles? If not, it is because of the immunizations. I have seen that in the developing world. If you think it can't happen here, my mother caught polio. She still suffers from the weakness that it caused. Be thankful for the immunizations that your children have received and pray that those who haven't recieved the vaccines are protected by those who have.
48 weeks ago
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Once again Mr Moran fails to see or ignores the larger issue.

The fact of the matter is that vaccinations do far more good than harm... unless you're one of the ones that are harmed. Thus, "Susan Lawson, whose daughter developed encephalitis after a routine vaccine when she was a year old" lets see Mr Moran meet with Ms Lawson and tell her face to face, that her daughter is unfortunately 'collateral damage' sacrificed for the 'common good'.

But the larger issue that Mr Moran ignores is contained in the statement, "The bill would mandate a state-sponsored education program for parents who don’t want their child vaccinated and would force those parents to “acquire the signature of a health care professional confirming disclosure of possible health risks ‘to the student and the community.’”

Anyone but an apologist for the 'progressive' left knows that the "possible health risks to...the community" will be the rationale for laws forbidding parental denial of gov. approved vaccinations. There are already efforts to ban smoking due to third party inhalation, even though the 'evidence' is absent.

The primary obstacle to leftist indoctrination of the young is parental influence. The left will not abstain from using every opening to attain their goal of removing parental influence, to the maximum degree possible. Moran is fully on board with that goal without even realizing it. RINO...
48 weeks ago
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Howdy GB
There's a valid concern there. Where should we draw the line on parental rights? I think everyone would agree at removing a child who was being physically injured or starved by parents. I think nearly everyone would say that going to church or skipping religion was quintessentially the family's business.
Vaccination falls between those two extremes but I dunno quite where.
48 weeks ago
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okay, let's see if that's how that works......

anyway, first off, I am sorry that you had such terrible reactions to chicken pox and then suffered from shingles. It sounds like a dark time in your life.

I don't object to vaccinations. I just prefer that my kids go through them the way I did- taking five to seven years in childhood, rather than bunching them up under age 2. I asked doctors- plural- it's not an ideal schedule. It's designed to have poor kids on government assistance have all their shots paid for because otherwise their parents would leave them unvaccinated. It's not a schedule built for American, middle-class kids.

Second, I'd like to point out that it took about ten years for the kinks in the polio vaccine regimen to get worked out. During those ten years, children died of the vaccines, too. Ten years in, doctors had realized that a schedule of four shots- two dead ( Sabin?) and then two live ( Salk?) vaccines was the best schedule for immunizing children. Prior to that, some children died of live virus vaccinations, while others were contracting polio after taking a weak dead virus concoction. The best was two weak dead virus shots, and then two live virus shots.

And, yes, I know to keep my kid out of a public pool during the weeks following a live virus shot. I ask.

I live in Austin, in a poor neighborhood. This means, among other things, my kids have been in playgroups with children who don't get vaccinated. As well, when they go to school, they get are exposed to all the weird little third world diseases that their classmates bring home from Mexico, every single freaking three day weekend. My kids think it's normal to pause and bleach their desk down, daily.

But, I would like to point out that the rotavirus vaccination- a new one- some kids died of rotavirus- usually in Mexico- and then some kids died of the vaccination. New vaccines need to get road-tested in the real world. Test subjects tend to be healthier than the general population by an amazing degree. I want to know how regular people fare.

48 weeks ago
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According to statistics 1 in 54 boys are going to be diagnosed with autism. As far as I can tell from my study of this autism is a genetically caused disease from viral infections at conception. Just like all the other inherited diseases humans have. It is on the rise simply because humans are spreading viral infections like crazy and now we have some 120,000,000 cases of STD's in the US and it has been up by 20,000,000 new cases each year. It is infected people having babies and we wonder, like morons where this "magical" disease comes from.
48 weeks ago
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Howdy A2F
Genetically-caused diseases and viral infections are entirely different. Genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs and hemophilia come through your chromosomes.
Viral diseases spread by exposure to the virus through different means -- blood exposure like HIV, mosquito transmission like dengue fever, mucus and saliva exposure like flu or the common cold.
We don't have 120 million cases of STD in the US, nor 20 million new ones each year.
48 weeks ago
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Hmm, let's see, measles? check, mumps? check, chicken pox? check, whooping cough? check, little round scar from the polio vaccine on my arm? check. Somehow I wonder how I managed to survive childhood. How anyone could not help their child avoid all of that I'll never know. Young parents today don't know how lucky they are to have a way to keep their kids from going through what kids from my generation had to go through.

My thought is that when a parent first registers their child for school ask them if the child has been vaccinated. If the answer is no then just ask them so, you are going to home school then? Because I sure wouldn't let a health hazard into my school where they could infect other kids.
48 weeks ago
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Your checklist is good but the little round scar is usually from the smallpox vaccine. Polio has been given orally for more than fifty years now.
I got mine on a sugar cube -- yum! My kids got theirs as drops.
48 weeks ago
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So, of course, no teacher, staff, or student with HIV/Aids will be let into your school, either. Right?
48 weeks ago
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