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January 14, 2014 - 3:40 pm
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Another interesting turn reported by Fox, that the rest of the media will ignore in favor or running a zillion more stories on Bridgegate. Or maybe they’ll spend some time discussing the ins and outs of the Justin Bieber egg-throwing scandal:

On the eve of the terrorist attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, the Obama White House may have exaggerated the scope and depth of President Obama’s preparation for such attacks, newly declassified documents show.

On Sept. 10, 2012 — the day before Al Qaeda-linked terrorists carried out the bloody assault on the U.S. consulate and a related annex in Benghazi — the White House Press Office issued a press release entitled “Readout of the President’s Meeting with Senior Administration Officials on Our Preparedness and Security Posture on the Eleventh Anniversary of September 11th.”

A set of “Top Secret” documents obtained by Fox News reveals that the nation’s highest-ranking uniformed military officer, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified to Congress in executive session last year that the Sept. 10 meeting “was actually a conference call.” Moreover, Dempsey testified, Libya was never even discussed during the call, despite a persistent and increasingly worrisome stream of threat reporting from that country, and from Benghazi in particular.

The Sept. 10 press release stated that the session had covered the “specific measures we are taking” and “steps taken” to protect Americans and U.S. facilities abroad. It also related an order from President Obama for all agencies to “do everything possible to protect the American people, both at home and abroad.”

Yet the declassified documents show that Dempsey testified to the Congress last year that not a single directive had been issued by him or Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to adjust American military force posture anywhere in the world as the 9/11 anniversary loomed just hours away.

This is becoming easier to understand and explain. It doesn’t even need a gun-running component, though one may be involved.

In the fall of 2012, the Obama White House was focused on re-election to the point that it was shutting its real duties out. President Obama was shutting his own real duties out, campaigning far more than governing. He hadn’t met with his jobs council in months. He was skipping his daily security intel briefings. The Sept. 10 release was sent out to make him look presidential, without actually performing the duties of president. There was no security meeting, and no forces were actually moved around anywhere to gear up for the 9-11 anniversary. There was a conference call, a conversation, and a press release.

The administration had been warned that security in Benghazi was deteriorating and an attack was likely and would be deadly, repeatedly. The black flag of Islam was already flying over government buildings in Benghazi. Ansar al-Sharia, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Libya, was gaining power. Terrorists had already attacked the Red Cross and the British embassy in Benghazi, forcing both to abandon the city. The last remaining target of three that al Qaeda had stated its intent to attack was the US facility. But Clinton’s State Department consistently denied requests to beef up security, and Obama couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about anything but winning re-election.

The attack happens. It’s clear from the beginning that it was an attack, the military briefed administration officials that it was an attack, but the State Department had been denying field requests from Benghazi to beef up security, and there’s a paper trail of those denials. Obama hasn’t been attending to his daily intel briefings. Obama, derelict in his duty every bit as much as Clinton, has been campaigning on the theme that “al Qaeda is defeated and on the run.” Well, here they are to spoil that particular campaign line and re-write their own in the blood of four Americans.

The inconvenience of four dead Americans could not be allowed to become speedbumps slowing Obama’s path to re-election.

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"Once told, the lie can never be un-told."

True. But, unfortunately, once re-elected, the lying sack of sh*t president can never be un-re-elected, either.
27 weeks ago
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So Hilliary failed to do her job, Obama never has done any job, and they lied about that. Then they lied to cover up the first lie, and continue to lie to cover up everything. And the whole thing, despite four dead Americans, is a "phony" scandal. Now, Hilliary wants to take over Obama's job.

Good Lord, the government is in the hands of lunatics!
27 weeks ago
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What was Stevens doing there really?

THAT is the snake in the weeds.
28 weeks ago
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And what will be the result of all these lies from the White House? NOTHING! But, Issa will hold more useless congressional hearings and accomplish the same result...NOTHING!
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment

The meaning of September 11 has not been absorbed by the State Department, White House, or the Media. On that day of catastrophe with consequences rolling through the centuries, the King of Poland stampeded and eradicated the army of the Grand Vizier as he was close to breaching the walls of Vienna. The takedown of Europe failed. Every September 11th nowadays screams for more payback by the Holy Koran’s Later Verse Enthusiasts.

The same centers of power are ignorant of Jihad anatomy. A quickly-formed spontaneous Jihad is always against a Muslim apostate or a Dhimmi blasphemer, always a fellow-citizen. Planning and coordination is necessary for Jihad against a foreigner or a foreign event. It usually involves public pronouncements at religious services to advise the faithful, to add them to the organizations lined up for the attack. It always leaks into rumors in the market. If there are rumors, there is a planned attack by one or more Jihadist organizations and expect heavy weapons.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
The administration lied to the public for weeks, but they've lied and obfuscated to the families of those four murdered Americans for over two years.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
When does O orison term Start?
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Wake up fools, once again Obama and his games have put people in danger.
They removed all security from Benghazi for a reason.
The Ambassador was the reason.... Benghazi was a sham kidnapping of the Ambassador so Obama could trade him for the Blind Sheikh as a ploy to satisfy Morsi.....
Take every action that occurred before and after this incident and use this as the reason for the incident..... The rest is BS... There was a real attack after AAS got the Ambassador and he died.... This is when the real attack happened and the killing happened. This is when AAS thought Obama had double crossed them. Then the SHTF!!
Did you notice that when the ex-Seals went back to the Annex and the attack happened there. The only ones hurt were those same two people who went to the aid of the Compound. 20 CIA people at the Annex and only those two were KILLED.... What did they see or hear a the Compound, is this what got them killed or was it really a mortar? Is it time for the families to exhume the bodies and have autopsies done??
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
You forgot one thing, I think. Didn't Obama fly out to Vegas the very next day for a fundraiser? Even the attack itself could not keep him off the campaign trail.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Un-elected? No. Impeached? Yes.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment

the ghosts of Benghazi are closing in. Read the article. Read Rosens more informative article

Then ask yourself …

And if Obama was not attending those daily intel security briefings (that fact had been leaked BEFORE the attack in Benghazi)…to establish an alibi
….what if Obama wasn´t attending those meetings to establish plausible deniability in advance of Benghazi because he knew that attack was coming. More facts that raise concerns have come out recently. one being the Intel Committee met secretly with Ambassador Stevens. A highly unusual occurrence unearthed by Megyn Kelly in interviewing Mike Rogers. when she mentioned the fact of the secret unusual meeting, Rogers jaw dropped.

Let´s hear exactly when Rep Mike Rogers, Chair of the House Intel Committee and Senator Inhoef met secretly with Ambassador Stevens. Let´s see that timeline. When did Obama stop attending his daily intel meetings.

If the facts are as stated by the Navy Seals in their book explaing Benghazi that Brennan was secreting weapons to Al Qaeda, anything is possible. Arming the enemy of the USA is serious business. The odd relationship with Morsi, the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood, the turning over of the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood begins to add up.

That Obama, in light of the holocaust of Christians in the Middle East, continued to support Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood is outrageous. That Egypt, a once close Allie has Morsi on trial and the Muslim Brotherhood illegal in Egypt..informs.


*Why was Obama on the phone with Netanyahu that particular night at 3AM Netanyahu time, when they had not spoken on the phone since 12/09 according to the record. One could suspect they knew the attack was coming and he wanted to be seen by Jewish voters as in touch with Netanyahu and not anti-Israel in advance of his re-election as Obama was loosing Jewish votes.
Why sit back and do nothing for 10 hours with the Ambassador missing — and when Stevens is reported dead– then do the one and only thing Obama did that night which was to call Hillary. Neither did anything to get those Americans help yet then speak upon confirmation of Stevens death. Sounds like a missin accomplished call where they began crafting their over story.

What was Rep Mike Rogers and the House Intel Committee meeting secretly with Ambassador Stevens about, before he went back to Benghazi? Was he telling them about the WMD leaving Benghazi to Al Qaeda?

Did Rep Rogers wife´s company provide, or not provide security to Benghazi?

What was Obama doing and who was he with that night? Did he refuse to sign the Cross Border Authority CBA and just leave those men to die?

Were those at the CIA Annex intended to die too?

Why all the thuggish behavior requiring the CIA agents to sign more State Secrets documents to remain quiet and take monthly lie detector tests?

Why was Ambassador Stevens autopsy done over seas and his body cremated overseas? Why then bring his ashes in a photo op full size casket to a base never before used for bringing our fallen home?

Why did those at the State Department say under oath they watched the attacks in real time then change their story later?
27 weeks ago
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Where are those live streaming videos of those attacks?

Illegal, NATO Treaty breaking, Stinger Missiles and ManPads, 40,000 of them left Benghazi to AlQaeda Jason Chaffetz said in the Congressional hearings. the MSM rarely repeats this…Further, it has been reported that Sarin left Beghazi too. Was that the Saarin used on children in Syria? 400,000 Christians dead in Syria and not a peep out of this administration on the holocaust of Christians.

Yes, this is a nightmare. And, it will not get better without the will of the wide-awake outraged American people.

Megyn Kelly Mike Rogers interview
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Why was Barck Obama Missing More Than Half His Daily Intel Breifings

This Washington Post article ran one day before Benghazi was attacked. Alibi? Plausible deniability? You bet!
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
of course the media protects this piece of low trash, they're as low as he is.
It indicates a terrible, perverse viciousness to have acted as they did, Obama, fatso Clinton, and the rest of the filth. Psycho I think covers it.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
No republican president in memory would have committed malfeasance to this extent. If he had, the media would never have let it go the way they did and continue to do for this puke. It truly is a Praetorian Guard state run media operation equivalent to the Soviet news bureau TASS.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
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