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Stephen Kruiser


December 17, 2013 - 11:26 pm

Officially out of ideas.

Warner Bros. is about to go on a fateful trip.

The studio is putting into motion a big-screen version of Gilligan’s Island, the classic 1960s television comedy, that will serve as a vehicle for Josh Gad, the Broadway star who is one of the voices in Disney Animation’s hit Frozen, THR has confirmed.

Gad will write the script with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez, who were both writers on the Gad-starring NBC sitcom 1600 Penn.

Well, at least it’s got three people from a heavily hyped and promoted sitcom that lasted all of thirteen episodes last year.

Soon they will be making movies based on shows that even the people who starred in them don’t remember.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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They made a TV movie about Gilligan's Island back in 2001:
and yes, it was as dreadful and forgettable as you'd expect.

So now this Josh guy thinks he is Bob Denver, the original Gilligan?

The cast will be Josh's friends, with some diversity thrown in for good measure: make the rich couple Asian, make Ginger Hispanic, make the Professor a black woman, make the Skipper Norwegian.
They can all be on a Greenpeace mission to stop an evil corporation from spoiling the deserted island. Make the evil white guy from Batman and Lone Ranger the evil white guy in this picture, too. He can probably phone in all his lines. Throw in a talking seal or parrot, and you are set.

There Warner Brothers: that's my treatment, and it's probably just as stupid as what you are going to get from Josh et al.
1 year ago
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Great. The men who wrote Josh Gads failed sitcom are writing the movie too!
1 year ago
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Set it in Washington. Harry Reid can be the Skipper. Warren Buffett can be Thurston Howell III. Nancy Pelosi can be Lovey.

For Gilligan, they should get progressive and edgy and cast a black guy.

The rest of America can be the Professor, Mary Ann and Ginger trapped in existential torment.
1 year ago
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They should proceed gingerly.
1 year ago
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