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Bryan Preston


July 26, 2013 - 2:57 pm


Rep. Paul D. Ryan might have just given away the road map for House consideration of immigration reform.

“Tentatively, in October, we’re going to vote on a border security bill, an interior enforcement bill, a bill for legal immigration,” the Wisconsin Republican and Budget Committee chairman told constituents at a district town hall event Friday, according to a report by the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

Ryan also reportedly said negotiations were underway for the chamber to vote on legislation that would provide undocumented immigrants with “probationary” visas while they waited a minimum of 15 years to attain citizenship.

The timetable is more than most members will volunteer at this point other than to say there won’t likely be any major action before the August recess, which kicks off in one week.

Piecemeal is the way to go, but the fact is, the Republicans are playing right into the Democrats’ hands. Here’s how the game will be played. If the House passes a single large immigration bill, it will go into conference with the Senate and come out looking like the Schumer-Rubio bill. That bill puts legalization ahead of a promise for security that everyone with a brain knows the Obama administration will not fulfill. Any requirements for citizenship will get gutted and sped up. Result: Millions of new voters created for the Democrats over the course of a few years.

If the House passes a bunch of smaller bills, especially the 15-year minimum for citizenship for illegal aliens, then if it gets through the Senate, the Democrats will agitate to drop that minimum before the ink on Obama’s signature is dry. They will cast the GOP as racist for even referring to the language in the law that just passed to defend the minimum. Citing “fairness,” which he consistently values above the rule of law, Obama will issue an executive order dropping as much of that minimum unilaterally as he can. Result: Millions of new voters created for the Democrats over the course of a few years.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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This time their is no second chance to stop overpopulation, crumbling infrastructure and shortages of drinkable water.

America will only be secure enough when the Obama Administration doesn't give away freebies, for votes.

America will only be secure enough when we station the National Guard and build the real double fencing instead of Afghanistan's border.

America will only be secure enough when businesses are openly complaining they can't get enough illegals.

America will only be secure when Farmers and agriculture are held accountable for legal guest workers, for them paying for emergency care and benefits.

America will only be secure enough when schools no longer teach English as a second language.

America will only be secure enough when I no longer get greeted by a people speaking Spanish when I walk into a store.

America will only be secure when they implement the mandatory entry and exit system, along with E-Verify to detect visa airline, ports of entry overstays and border jumpers.

American will only be secure when instead of deploying 20.000 agents along the border, they revise that and place at least half (10.000 to the ICE ranks, who are the interior enforcement. Its a clever ploy so businesses still get the cheap labor and are believe themselves above the law.

America will only be secure enough when Mexico and other dictatorships have REVOLUTION, because it then cannot dump its poor, it's criminals and malcontents in the U.S. and their people rise up and overthrow the corrupt government economic and political system.

America will only be secure enough should NOT be determined or influenced by pro-illegal alien groups such as the Latino Public Policy Center or La Raza.

America will only be secure when they revise the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT, so only babies and children of U.S. citizen parents can claim public benefits and cash payments.

America will only be secure enough when EVERY American CITIZEN is issued a biometric ID card to replace the worthless Social Security cards and they will be required in order to hold a job. These cards should maintain your fingerprints, retinal scan and photograph to detect unauthorized workers, voter fraud and personal credit theft.

America is only secure enough when the IRS and Social Security and ICE talk to each other and exchange intelligence back and forth instead of being prohibited by law from doing so, which makes it very difficult to catch invaders.

America will only be secure when both political parties learn their allegiance is to ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and not Special Interests and their lobbyists.

America will only be secure if the deliberately underestimated 11 million illegal aliens don't get a free pass to citizen entitlements, sponsoring more family members and thereby accelerating the population by another 30 to 50 million and adding more poverty to our nation. Thank God for House Rep. Steve King and a few Senators Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz who will not tow the line and do the bidding of the majority, who would awash this country in more dire poverty. We haven't even finished for the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act debacle.
1 year ago
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Privacy of innocent Americans is being obliterated thanks to agencies like the NSA spying on us;
Votes were suppressed—even STOLEN—as the IRS targeted conservative political groups during the last election;
Our right to bear arms under the Second Amendment is in grave jeopardy as this administration attempts their gun-grab every chance it gets. Tyranny has come alive;
Now Obama administration is using the Trayvon Martin case to launch his attempt to obliterate Stand Your Ground laws in 30 states;
First Amendment rights are being trampled with wiretapping of the press;
60% of doctors will retire in the coming 3 years as a direct result of Obamacare—a death sentence to many;
Obamacare, only in the initial stages, is already a catastrophe, collapsing on itself;

A large majority of politicians and the federal government are exempt from the Obamacare, whereas all Americans must join.

33 million illegals who broke the law coming into our country could soon be rewarded with amnesty—jobs will be stolen from hardworking Americans while wages are diminished;

Illegal aliens are coming fast across the border in droves claiming Asylum. Guess whose paying for there hotels, food, etc.,?

Racial divide is growing bigger not smaller. The Obama administration continually race-baits America and has recently stepped it up, fueling hatred with his own ignorant views on the Trayvon Martin case;
Benghazi blood still runs like a river through his hands—and still, justice has not been served but swept under the carpet;
He freely gives guns and money to criminals and terrorists in Egypt...and positions in the White House to radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood who influence Obama's policies;
Hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars have been spent by Obama and his family on lavish vacations;
Has the gall to throw rock star parties at the White House—after closing it to the public.

At every chance he breaks the law and flaunts mass hypocrisy. He and his buddy Dept of Justice Eric Holder should be in JAIL.

Oh yes, his true nature has been fully exposed in a way that makes your blood run cold. Even Obama's most diehard defenders are questioning his motives.

We need to strike while the iron is blistering hot.

We have fought long and hard and people are finally opening their eyes to the fake, the fraud, the rot, the liars in the Obama administration.

When EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LAWS HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED ... then we'll talk. Fax you indignation and frustration at Read more about the concealed immigration truths at
1 year ago
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DO NOT BELIEVE THE SCAM - Ryan is working for the White House now, through Boehner, to promise conservatives anything and everything they want....just get the bill into COMMITTEE CONFERENCE where the dems can strip border security provisions OR allow language that lets the White House determine what to enforce or NOT ENFORCE....RYAN HAS TURNED COAT AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF. I used to believe in you, Paul Ryan. I bought all the "family values" and "principled leadership" and how you wanted to do things to help your children have better lives and PROTECT THEM FROM THE DANGEROUS POLICIES OF THE PROGRESSIVES...I hope you were at least a better negotiator than Boehner - did you get more than 30 pieces of silver for your soul, Paul?

Remember BENGHAZI!
1 year ago
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The illegals are in the USA to work. They are here to do the jobs "Americans won't do". I don't know why anyone would be upset about them getting amnesty.
1 year ago
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Zimmerman case - repeal "stand your ground" = I just don't know why anyone would be against that (amnesty) 2 STRAW MEN arguments.

Remember BENGHAZI!
1 year ago
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I'm betting the Stupid Party will grant the Amnesty. The GOP has been getting clowned by the Democrats for decades because the GOP can not play the long game. Most are too individualistic and their beliefs too diverse to mount a united front in the long run against the nearly monolithic left which is all about the long game (though it ignores the inevitable end result).

So, come October, the GOP will surely stab the country in the back one final time, resigning itself to minority party status forever and the US to Third World status, be that Argentina or Somalia will remain to be seen.
1 year ago
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Can we call our present Republican Party the NeoWhigs yet?
1 year ago
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And doing something - anything - on immigration ASAP is a burning issue right now, why? I forget. I'm too busy being angry about how Obamacare will become permanent in 5 short months, too busy being frustrated that pipeline jobs are not being created, fracking is being hindered and energy costs are going to rise needlessly because Obama says so, and too busy being thoroughly pissed that the federal government has outgrown Constitutional checks and balances and career politicians are worried about not rocking the boat to fight back.

And I'm supposed to be worried about illegal immigration ? It is a smoldering ember that can be addressed after we course correct an Executive run amok.
1 year ago
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The strategy should be a LOGICAL SEQUENCE (defined as signed legislation before moving to the next step) of confidence building laws (starting with border security linked to the funding of ICE/BP/CBP with congressional findings of compliance) that lead to an end-state of SECURE BORDERS.

Then we will talk about what to do about the illegals.

Anything else is a scam.
1 year ago
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"Paul Ryan (R-WI) commits career suicide"...he simply does not believe the public is fed up with the Potomac Two Step. You have been advised, counseled, and outright warned not to try and weasel around the will of the people, congressman. If ANY republican supports ANY measure, resolution, compromise, or ANY other legislation to send this travesty to committee where the dems can either strip out border security requirements OR write the statute where the regime decides what to enforce and what to not are done, congressman. Yes, it is just that damn simple. Proceed at your own risk, Sir.

Remember BENGHAZI!
1 year ago
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Amnesty. Rammed down our throats. I guess the Hastert Rule has been roundfiled...

Courtesy of the RINO GOP. Obama thanks you for committing suicide, and taking your Party with you.
1 year ago
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