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Bryan Preston


May 14, 2013 - 10:37 am

White House spokesman Jay Carney accidentally gave America ball to keep an eye on in the IRS targeting scandal. Under withering questioning today from CNN’s Jessican Yellen, Carney insisted that the president and the White House are learning the details of the scandal from press reports. He said that it is not obtaining information regarding the scandal in any other way. He also said that he cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

But when ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Carney whether he could categorically state that no one in the White House or on the president’s political team was involved in any way, Carney flatly answered “No.” That, obviously, was a comment on an ongoing investigation.

How would Carney know that to be the case, unless the White House is questioning people internally? Such interviews would constitute the White House learning about the IRS scandal from sources other than the media, no?

Update: Carney gets grilled on his answer later in the briefing, and backtracks saying that he’s “confident” that no one was involved. He also slips and says “we learned about it a few weeks ago,” then corrects himself to limit that knowledge to the White House counsel’s office.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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The Carney-Con is beginning to look a little frazzled and unkempt. Constantly spinning will do that, I guess.
1 year ago
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Remember how former WH press secretary Pierre Salinger went completely off the rails and became "Crazy Pierre", with some sort of conspiracy therory over TWA 800 being shot down by a US Navy missile?
Well, methinks that Mr. Carney is headed down the "Crazy Jay" path. Watch for Jay to be pushing some conspiracy theory in the near future.
1 year ago
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Somebody looks a bit rattled.
1 year ago
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So, if I understand Carney's performance art at this "press" conference (apparently, not one held behind closed doors for just SOME of the regular bootlickers)

1) Obama and this...the most transparent administration not wish to "jump to conclusions" before they have all the facts. Something that must be a new policy since the Zimmerman/Martin matter and the Louis Gates which jumping in with both feet in order to contaminate the evidence seemed perfectly ok.

2) Obama and Holder have "absolutely no idea" how groups opposing them might have been targeted for abuse, investigation, retribution, ...but, they think it's just "awful" to go after one's political "enemies". At least that's what they say in English, we don't yet have the Spanish translation.

3)Benghazi is a "political circus" Carney said, while this administration juggles chainsaws while balancing on their unicycle. It is the REPUBLICANS FAULT, because...changing the reports to fit a LIE and then falsely blaming an innocent YouTube videographer is a trifling matter and the four dead Americans, really, really, really "don't matter any longer, do they?"

4) Of course, Obama, Carney and "the most transparent administration ever" want the media to have "unfettered" ability to do investigative reporting. We know this because when Obama was a Senator, he co-sponsored legislation giving even MORE power to "investigatively report"...on REPUBLICANS. When it comes to that power against hard leftists and Democrats...meh. The support seemed to have swooned since Obama took over.

Not that the Agenda Media's big, wet smooch since Obama started running...and has kept running/campaigning for over a half decade has inspired a SINGLE piece of investigative reporting from them.

In fact, I think it can be fairly stated that the untended garden grew these weeds precisely BECAUSE Obama and his team of hippies in this Bandana Republic they have built...have gone completely free of accountability...and that EVERY bit of stench wafting from this cesspool of corruption can trace itself back to that conspiracy of silence.

We feel like we are in a third world country or under the thumb of the KGB...precisely because our "free and unfettered press" conspired to put us there. So, of course...THEIR biggest beef is not Benghazi with four dead Americans, Fast and Furious with a dead agent and 300 dead Mexicans, the IRS targeting, it's with the AP phone records.

Their ox has been gored. But, by the complicity....they waved the red....very red...cape.
1 year ago
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At least Carney knew not to stand in front of a window when he said that otherwise we might have seen the tanks coming over the bridge in the background! Hello Baghdad Bob.. :)
1 year ago
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