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Stephen Kruiser


May 3, 2013 - 12:13 pm

Feel good story of the summer.

Thanks to swelling demand for its F-Series pickups, Ford announced today it would add 900 jobs on a third shift at its Kansas City factory, and later in the year add an additional 1,100 jobs to launch production of the Ford Transit commercial van. Roughly half of the 2,000 new jobs will go to new hires — an impressive addition of workers by the Detroit automaker, which alone among its Michigan rivals does not import full-size pickups from Mexico.

But it didn’t happen without some tough bargaining — and some help from those who will work the line.

While the national economy has been growing in fits and starts, a revived demand for construction jobs and lower gas prices has made pickups the fastest-growing segment among U.S. shoppers this year. Ford’s F-Series sales have risen 19 percent through April, and Ford expects further gains for the remainder of the year.

By adding in the Transit van production, Ford estimates it and its local suppliers will spur a total of 18,000 jobs in the region. Missouri politicians and the UAW all hailed the move today; the jobs “serve as another reminder of the resilience of American workers and our nation’s manufacturing sector,” said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president and director of the National Ford Department.

Even if the 18,000 residual jobs effect is high this is still certainly a boon to the region and almost otherworldly news in this economy.

Yes, some government assistance was provided here, but at the state level. States adjusting tax rates and regulations to compete for industry is a good thing because…competition. Ford deserves continued praise for not pulling out the hankies and crying for federal assistance when that was all the rage (yes, Lefties, I know it was a Bush thing first-didn’t like it then either).

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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Yea! And Ford even halted production of Ranger pick-ups in North America, too! Closed down the plant, production line, parts et al. Still has a Brand, bar none. Shame that it has the world's crappiest sales force...eviscerates the Ford Brand with nutty and just plain out-and-out financial gimmickry, falsehoods and lying on a scale equal to Goebbels. Its "free" internet quote pages are the biggest "C'mon since Barnum & Bailey!" Why debauch such success with unseamly, stupid practices any sane consumer can see thru? Boggles the mind...guess Ford executives "like the Annual Reports!"
1 year ago
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The GOP really needs to push this hard. Not only is the F-series the best-selling line of trucks in the world, if memory serves the Focus and Fusion/Mondeo are the best-selling cars in their respective classes (compact/hatchback and midsize/large family). And they're respected as great vehicles at the same time. If the modern Fords are anything close to as well-built as my V6 Vulcan-powered '01 Taurus, then I'm sticking to them for life
1 year ago
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This has been true of Ford for sometime. One of the things that exasperted me about the Romney campaign was that the success of Ford without the full bailout package was not touted as an alternative to burdening the taxpayer so union jobs could be saved.
1 year ago
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