Embattled Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) is engaging in a war of tweets today in an attempt to pounce on his critics and raise cash. Some of the many social-media statements from the GOP nominee vying to oust incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.):

“Donations are pouring in. Thank you for standing up against the liberal elite https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“We have raised our online fundraising goal. Help us hit $10k to fight the liberal elite https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“Glad I was able to apologize to a national audience on the Today Show. Everyone makes mistakes. Please stand with me https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“Also went on GMA today to fight back against the liberal elites who continue their attacks. Stand with me. https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“I made clear I was staying in this race, yet this is the headline. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/08/todd-akin-opens-door-to-possible-exit/ … Will you help me fight back? https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“I don’t believe party bosses should trump the votes of the people of MO http://gma.yahoo.com/video/news-26797925/rep-todd-akin-on-quitting-senate-race-i-don-t-know-the-future-30350784.html … Chip-in $3 if you agree! https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“Will you chip-in $5 to help me fight the party bosses? https://www.akin.org/contribute/  RT this image if you’ll join me! pic.twitter.com/TyDcEthI

“Missourians, I need your help. You’re ready to put a conservative voice in the Senate. Chip-in $5 to help us get there https://www.akin.org/contribute/

“The media is against us. The Washington elites are against us. The party bosses are against us. Help us fight back: https://www.akin.org/contribute/

Meanwhile, Dennis Miller tweeted, “I’m creeped out by the shape of Todd Akin’s head.”