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Roger L. Simon

A Modest Proposal for Immigration Reform

January 30th, 2014 - 9:09 pm

Swift-boating immigration reform.

The old immigration conundrum is at the top of the news again for the umpitty-ump time for  the last — what is it — fifty, one hundred years.  For those of us who live in California the drumbeat is, shall we say, incessant.

But almost everyone knows the truth of the matter.  It’s about power, i.e., votes. The Democrats want ‘em and the Republicans want to keep things under control so they don’t get voted out of office by the onslaught. The actual condition of immigrants, legal or otherwise, is the least of it.

Also worth noting is that Latinos are looking for special treatment that the vast majority of our ancestors, unless they were Daughters of the American Revolution or the equivalent, never had.  Most of our forebears stood in line and waited their turn, sometimes for quite long periods while facing brutal oppression in their home countries.

Latinos justify this preferential treatment by saying  much of our country was stolen from Mexico in the first place.  There’s some truth to that, but almost all countries were stolen from somebody sometime.  Also, they point out that our country often looked the other way while we were flooded with convenient cheap labor from the South.  Undoubtedly, we have some culpability, but unless we want to be dealing with this problem for another hundred years, we have to reach some conclusions.  Our country lives by the rule of law — at least we should.  Immigration policy has been a farce.

So here’s my simple — call it simple-minded, if you want — solution, my modest proposal.  Illegal immigrants, assuming they have lived here for a decent period of time and have not committed a felony, can have amnesty, but they can NEVER be allowed to vote.  They can do anything else that is legal, but if they want to vote — or run for office or practice law in our country, as just happened in California — they must return home and go through the normal immigrant application process, however long that may take until they have citizenship.

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We aren't bothering to enforce the current law, why should we expect a new law, no matter how strict and precisely written, to be kept?

Another reason to be suspicious is the Democrat's continued opposition to cleaning up the voting process and fighting voter I.D. laws. They apparently want to make it easy for those who cannot legally vote to be able to vote.

Until I hear that officials that are not keeping the current law are being fired, or for worse cases, imprisoned, I'm going to be skeptical.

If we were convinced that our politicians and law enforcement would follow through and carry out a new law, we might be more inclined to listen to new proposals.
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Well, everyone gets to vote. Now our votes mean almost nothing. We voted for a Texas cowboy and got TARP. We voted (collectively) for the first Black Pres and got a Wall Street loving spy. Let's see, in the past 50 years, we voted for the "Silent Majority" man, Nixon, and got wage and price controls. We voted for the "Progressive" Johnson and got Viet Nam and Cointelpro.
I have worked for at least half a dozen political campaigns. The Democrats and Republicans are on very good terms. They drink together and talk to each other in a friendly way. They're like two sports teams. To them, it's a game. The only way to influence them is to make it hurt.
If WE don't want this BS, flood of Democrats, we have to convince the GOP that we will STAY HOME for the midterms and possibly 2016. Only the fear of unemployment for them will change a damn thing.
1 year ago
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I think the commenters are right,Roger. I think a fairer thing would be for the home country to give us land of our choice per capita. All of Baja California for 3 million illegals. Cancun and Alcapulco and Mazatlan for 2 million more.

If we have to house, educate, employ and provide healthcare, we should be fairly compensated. If we can't get them to respect our borders, we can at least expand the borders.

Then, since they speak Spanish, we can employ them in all the new American cities we obtain. In fact, the Dream kids can have wonderful lives in beautiful resort towns.

When they sue for independence, and they will, we can exchange independence for permanently respected borders.
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I know this is intended as satire...but the Dems might well accept that deal, if they didn't see any way to pass anything they liked better. They would accept it, of course, with the full intention of overturning it once legalization was accomplished, either legislatively or by court fiat.

This has been the underlying problem since the get-go. There isn't _any_ legalization plan that won't result in the Dems immediately moving to the next step, which is voting rights, with a full-media barrage of heart-rending stories and arguments about taxation and representation and all the rest of the standard-issue manipulative garbage.

All they need is naive or malevolent judge to rule that 'America has no second class citizens' or some such made-up phrasing to force the issue, plus the fact that legalization advanced chain-migration.

I know you're on the other side on this, but there's no escaping the comparison: the Dems would agree to this for the same reason they used to claim all they wanted was 'civil unions', not 'marriage' for gays. It's just a talking point, it would just be a way to advance their actual agenda another step.

The only workable immigration reform that's compatible with conservative goals and beliefs and principles is 'no legalization' until enforcement is visibly accomplished.
48 weeks ago
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Here is my modest proposal: NO immigrants at all until the unemployment rate has been below 3.5% for 1 year.
49 weeks ago
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The moment they're allowed to stay, Harry Reid will come out and insist that it's a violation of their civil rights not to allow them to vote. The Supreme Court will object to "taxation without representation," and they'll be voting inside of five years.

Just another ludicrous attempt for amnesty-on-the-sly.

If you want a real solution, make a US Foreign Legion. Want it? Serve ten years.
51 weeks ago
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Sure easy to make proposals when you're a rich guy. The effect of these proposals will minimally alter your life and drastically burden mine.

A blue-collar Americans concerns:

Will I be undercut? Yes, It’s already happened.

Will my quality of life lower? Yes, It’s already happened.

Will local hospitals stay open? Open, but swelling with increasing wait times.

Will I be safe in my neighborhood? No, Mexican gangs have moved in.

Will my kids be safe at public school? No, gangs have formed and racial bullying is common.

Will local public school be overrun by ESL students? Yes, slowing down the ability to provide quality teaching.

Will my neighborhood become overcrowded? Yes. Once single-family lots have been torn down to accommodate multi-unit section 8 favelas.

Will these recently pardoned people assimilate into the neighborhoods culture? No. The La Raza sticks together.

Will the pardoned kids compete with my kids later on using Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity as a weapon? Probably.

The above listed concerns are all legitimate. No amnesty for law breakers. Deport them and secure the border. If you care about being humane move them into your neighborhood. Oh that’s right, the rich do not like co-habitating with peasants. Let the commoners deal with it…..

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51 weeks ago
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Your taxes will be assigned to support illegal aliens when Amnesty is the law. If you don’t believe that surprise is buried in Obamacare, see
This is your money being given away. Please get out and VOTE in the Primary elections and in the 2014 November mid-term election.
52 weeks ago
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There is already a clearly defined "path to citizenship"; and there are solid laws that are on the books to ensure compliance - unless your Mexican of course. Anything else is BS, including your "no vote". Obama has done EXACTLY the same thing with healthcare; scaring people into submission.

52 weeks ago
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The issue with illegal Mexican immigration is that Mexico is a failed state that is shipping the industrious unemployed and their families to us and parasitizing our welfare system. The people who are most likely to start a revolution in Mexico, the industrious poverty stricken, are removed by their desire to work and they send hard currency home to their families to prop up Mexico's economy. Their families, when they come, load down our schools and hospitals.

This is a hostile act by a foreign power desperate to survive. In a sane world we would have invaded and annexed Mexico in the 1980's and it would be prospering now.
52 weeks ago
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There is no reason we should have a third-world gangster state on our southern border. We feel free to 'nation-build' countries on the other side of the globe, why not our next door neighbor? Surely their crime exports have killed more Americans on American soil than Al Qaeda ever did. Give the Mexican government some real help and goals to reach, but if they don't improve or the help ends up in personal bank accounts, we come in and straighten them out. While I'm in favor of a manned fence on the border, we shouldn't have to build one.
52 weeks ago
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Several Points:
1. 'Illegal Immigrants' is incorrect. An Immigrant is someone who LEGALLY entered the U.S.A. to work and live, or visit or visit and work temporarily as a Non Immigrant Visitor. An 'Illegal Alien' is a term written by Congress and contained in the I&NA - A non U.S. citizen present in the U.S. without any legal status.
2. Once an alien has been afforded 'Work Authorization' or any other temporary status that alien WILL be allowed to move forward to 'Permanent Resident Alien' Status followed by 'Naturalization' and every right and privilege that comes with it, Period!
3. The illegal alien side industry, 'Fraud Document Vendors' will sell any and every document needed to substantiate every applicant claim. There will be no denials of cases due to the overwhelming number of millions that apply and the dictates of D.C. to rubber stamp them in.
4. The legalization of millions of Illegal Aliens into Legal Status will create a vacuum of more illegals to fill the void created by those who are moving up the food chain.
5. The Millions that are legalized will be able to file petitions for millions more of their relatives to immigrate - spouses, children, mothers, fathers and brothers and sisters. This is an exponential effect of the original number.
Lastly, Why in the World would any politician betray and sell out the people they are elected to protect?
52 weeks ago
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Open borders and drug legalization entail three shortcomings that are insurmountable: 1. the welfare state, 2. universal suffrage and 3. progressive tax rates.

Welfare is obvious; even with closed borders, the nation cannot afford the welfare it is already providing. Opening the borders to all comers is simply absurd. And make no mistake, our borders are open to all comers.

Drug legalization expands the welfare state as does open borders. Got an HIV problem? Start a clean needle program. Food stamps for the stoners and the addicted.

Progressive tax rates encourage those on welfare to vote for more benefits than they pay for. Want socialism? Expand the vote to women, aliens and welfare recipients.
52 weeks ago
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Roger -- Your proposal is rational, and therefore invalid. ONCE the left has people here, they will whine about how unfair it is to be "admitted" yet ineligible to vote. The left ALREADY wants people here illegally, criminals who happen to have children in public schools, to have a say in school boards, curricula, policies and so forth.
There is no shame on the left, no limits of decency they will not breach, in their will to power.
Therefore I urge you to rethink your decent proposal in light of the utter indecency of the left.
52 weeks ago
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