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Roger L. Simon

The PC Lynching of Phil Robertson

December 19th, 2013 - 9:39 pm


The A&E Network’s suspension of Phil Robertson, star of the most popular reality show in the history of television, for espousing views on homosexuality identical to those found in the New Testament may not be the first PC lynching in the history of our country, but it is certainly now the most prominent. It is also a singular example of how political correctness, via cultural relativism, is used to undermine democracy and freedom of speech and is, at its core, fascistic.

Yes, I just used the f-word and quite deliberately. PC and cultural relativism are the godchildren of Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault, the philosopher apologists, respectively, for those most totalitarian of leaders (and great supporters of homosexuality… yeah, right) Adolph Hitler and the Ayatollah Khomeini. I know this flies over the heads of A&E executives who are unlikely to have read much, if any, Heidegger or Foucault, or know anything of the philosophers’ relationships to those dictators, but they should know how their minds have been manipulated, because what they have done is outrageous and reactionary.

But before I go further, let me make clear where I am coming from, so my biases are on the table. I am not a Christian. In fact, I am not even religious in any conventional sense, vacillating between agnosticism and some vague inchoate theism of the “something must be out there” sort. Moreover, I have been a firm public supporter of gay marriage for well over a decade, far longer than our supposedly “progressive” president whose views on the subject “evolved,” if at a slightly slower pace than Joe Biden’s. On top of it all, although perhaps less significant, I have not watched more than five minutes of Duck Dynasty and couldn’t care less about the show.

So if someone like me finds A & E’s behavior abhorrent, there’s a good chance that it is. And the same goes for GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and other similar interest groups that sought to suppress the speech of others with whom they disagree. By suspending Phil Robertson, or urging that it be done, they are working in complete opposition to the Bill of Rights and the founding documents of our country and naively laying the grounds of their own demise when someone turns on them.

And if you dislike what Robertson is saying, why not engage him? You might even convert him. After all, the reality star was not casting personal aspersions toward gays or trashing individuals by name in the manner of Martin Bashir or Ed Schultz. He was being interviewed by GQ who sought his opinions, hopefully controversial ones, one would imagine, which he delivered in his folksy Bayou style.

In fact, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and A&E owe apologies to Robertson, not the other way around, although one can imagine now that everyone’s lawyers are talking as the network, ravaged by bad publicity, looks for a way to save face and the dollars from its most highly rated show.

Indeed, this event may actually have helped Robertson, expanding his brand and, ironically, hurting the causes backed by GLAAD, etc. They should take note. The best response to your enemies, especially if their challenge is not violent and based on their own heartfelt beliefs, is to treat them with respect and try to make them see the errors of their ways. You may not be able to do it but it is, dare I say it, the Christian way.

Beyond all this, however, the Duck Dynasty group has such a large TVQ these days, they don’t need A&E or anybody else. They could go off and form their own network. And now maybe they will.

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So let me get this straight... Phil Robertson gets basically thrown off the air for expressing (albeit not tactfully) HIS religious beliefs on the issue of homosexuality, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was the President of a country that beats, jails and stones to death homosexuals, gets invited to speak at Columbia University?? Hello??? Is anyone else throwing up from the hipocrisy here???
30 weeks ago
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I am an atheist and a big fan of Duck Dynasty. I share Glenn Reynolds' vision of "happily married gay couples with closets full of assault weapons." But what Phil Robertson said in his interview is simply standard Christian doctrine. So what galls me is the cowardice of his detractors in refusing to admit that what they really oppose is Christian morality (or more broadly, any moral absolutes). They even have the effrontery to call Robertson's views "un-Christian". As Roger says, if you disagree with Phil, make a counterargument. If all you do is smear and try to silence him, it shows you don't have one.
30 weeks ago
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The Mayberry Types keep pretending if only we explain clearly enough how swell it was back in Mayberry the cultural Marxists will stop playing by Prison Rules and return to Mayberry Rules. The cultural Marxists have a succinct answer to such a fantasy, "make me."

You and I will be eating thin soup in a Gulag bowl before the Left changes their tactics or their goals. Liberals act, conservatives talk.
31 weeks ago
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The fight that is going on against Christianity is really a fight against the protection of life, liberty, and property, and the raising of tyranny by the loss of due process of law. The common law which protects your rights was developed by English Christian jurists who incorporated precepts of the Bible into the common law, and this laid the foundation of every American's  protection of life, liberty, and property.

Right of Search Warrant by a Judge (Dt19:18)
Right to a public trial (Dt.17:5),
Right to an appeal (Dt.17:8-9),
Right to a impartial judge (Lev.19:15),
Right to present evidence (Ex.22:13),
Right to a fair trial (Ex.20:16),
Right to require two witnesses for the death penalty (Dt.17:6),
Right to put up a defense (Ex.32:9-14).
Public Trial (Dt. 21:19)
A right to thorough investigation (Dt:19:18)

Join in the fight to protect your rights; Article VIII makes God's law American law. Read it:
30 weeks ago
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I have never watched Duck Dynasty. However now I will be a viewer.
30 weeks ago
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In Matthew 7:6, Jesus said, “Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” When Jesus speaks of holiness he is speaking of two things: public assemblies and law or the law making powers of the legislature. When Jesus is speaking of dogs, he is referring to the Old Testament description of a homosexual or gay male prostitute who are called dogs in Hebrew. Jesus described sound government principles as pearls and treasure. Pigs can only be found outside of Israel in the heathen nations. In summery, Jesus is giving a warning. Don’t hand over sound principles of government (or the formation of government) to heathens because they will trample them under foot as they raise up a despotism, a tyranny. Don’t hand over the law making powers of the state to homosexuals because if you do they will use the law to tear you to pieces. Article VIII makes God’s law American law. visit:
30 weeks ago
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The truth is Roger Simon, like a great many people in the media are left-liberals, whether the admit it outright or call themselves "neo-conservatives". Same thing. They are "sophisticates" of NYC and Hollywood and "the Beltway". They disdain anyone who doesn't believe as they do (that's you and me, Mr & Mrs USA in flyover country).

What Phil Robertson expressed was in deed, standard Christian (and frankly mainstream thought in all major religions) doctrine. It upsets "the sophisticates" who are too intelligent for religious belief.

It's funny how the left-liberals control nearly every aspect of cultural life and if there's one little TV show that expresses a different point of view, all Hell (wait, they don't believe I Hell) breaks loose.
30 weeks ago
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At least Roger Simon defended Phil Robertson despite his disagreement with him, unlike most of the left.

If they think they are too intelligent for religious belief, then change the debate to a biological argument. From a biological standpoint, homosexuality is abnormal.
30 weeks ago
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Do you also go with the other part of Mr Robertson's speech, you know, the part about the "happy Negroes" , before civil rights, who "never sang the blues". Does Mr and Mrs USA in flyover country go with that?
30 weeks ago
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Yep. Because he was stating they were happy because they were not enslaved to government, not because they didn't have equal rights. Perhaps you should actually learn what was really said, rather than allow yourself to be manipulated by media propaganda.
30 weeks ago
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I am offended by intercourse with my wife being viewed as similar to bestiality. I have never had a cow lick me to orgasm and never will.

Apparently, gay men who have anal intercourse are also offended by having their sex life being viewed as similar to bestiality.
30 weeks ago
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So, basically, you are getting offended at something that was never said?
30 weeks ago
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We can't have both gay marriage and religious freedom, Roger. I think you're going to have to choose one or the other.
30 weeks ago
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Cruising Troll: I said something different above, but I actually think you're right.
30 weeks ago
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Phil Robertson has the right to express his views like anyone should. He did not attack any particular person or organization so he is not guilty of libel or defaming anyone. I find it particularly disturbing that the trend today is moving away from real debate on anything, particularly the tougher issues. Standard procedure is ad homenim or worse. Our intellectual life has become diminished or practically non existant.
30 weeks ago
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After seven years of being a commenter on PJM, I decided to take a year off and concentrate on some of my own stuff.

I guess I got tired making the same old charges about Obama and being told time and time again I was overstating the case.

"He might be misguided, but he's not some Hitleresque evil trying to destroy this nation and its constitutional government I was told."

I wasn't buying it.

Rachel's retort:

This ObamaVermin, with his assorted packs of lies and schemes, was stuffing his regime with assorted Godless extremists, scoundrels, punk Czar child molesters (Kevin Jennings, in charge of education), and countless fascist (marxist) creeps, thugs and pukes who've been making tons of money lying, conniving, corrupting, colluding; working every angle to weaken the U.S. financially, politically, socially and economically. Obama's weapon of choice for national destruction: An unsustainable 21 trillion debt by the end of his 8th year in office.

I thought of Barack Hussein as our own criminally elected little Hitler, full of totalitarian ideas with a sprinkle of numerous Marxist rhetoric and tactics. He filled his well of hate speech with terms like "fairness" and justice" so the American people would swallow it hook like and sinker.

I smelled a rat.

With the ranting and raving I did, I disappointedly got a pretty lukewarm reception from the readers and owners of PJM.

What frustrated me from the get go was the degree to which this pathological lying sociopath would flash his hatred of America in seemingly small ways that should have sounded big alarms to main stream America. Unfortunately, the main stream media was muffling the sound.

About the only positive reaction I got was from a little Long Island website called "Eternity Road" which was packed with some great thinkers and writers. Much like the Pajamas Media of today.

When I called Obama the dirtiest of brownshirts, a dreamer of his own personal "nights of the long knives" where he'd be free to torture and kill the opposition, I was laughed at, regaled, told to cool down and stop ranting.

"You're too far out, Rachel, nobody's going to listen to your maddening missives."

Colonel Bunny and his band of brothers defended me, but I got pretty beat up in the early years of Obama.

Yet, here was nothing short of an imposter, fraud and a phoney; a miscreant to the nth degree, a pathological liar who couldn't wait to embrace everything from same sex marriage to Black Panther billy club wielding at polling places.

Then he got the chance to do some spreading of the wealth to wealthy cronies.

879 billion so called Stimulus dollars was spread like butter on bread to his cohorts in crime that in turn spread Obama's anti-constitution doctrines in every manner, shape and form; Frankenesque vote stealing in Minnesota rendered the electoral process a total and dysfunctional disgrace that smelled of corruption almost as pungent as the stinking final solution of Hitler's death camps. Obama began ignoring laws he didn't like and creating laws out of thin air.

The Obama-train of nefarious deeds was pulled off with lying cover-ups that jumped every legal track of the land. Eric Holder was the engineer.

The Obama train, connected by lie upon lie, was not to become an official wreck (picked up by the mainstream media) until 5 million American's health insurance policies were stolen from parents and children as they slept in their beds. Obama's lawyers grandfathered out millions like thieves in the night.

It wasn't the first time they got off scot free.

Our crack main steam media was in the tank for Obama when Holder's Fast and Furious lies became public. So they under-reported it. And nothing come of it. it became the start of something big. The big fat, Obama/Holder "I didn't know nothing refrain."

Our crack main stream media acted like they were on crack. They forgot how to ask questions.

They came the IRS lie fest.

Our crack main stream press was so seduced by the boy fascist that getting the press to pick up the IRS scandal was like pulling teeth.

And this was at a point when every time a member of the Obama regime's lips moved, lies came gushing forth like oil spilling into the Gulf because Obama refused to act until his union thugs would get on the cleanup payroll. Again, the press played down the damage to minimize any damage to Obama's poll numbers. From dying fish to birds to dolphins paid the price, not to mention the American taxpayer.

The mainstream press, protected by 250 year old constitutional assumptions they'd tell the truth were nothing short of Obama water carriers; partners in collusion and crime.

Then came Sept. 11, 2012, and the U.S.S Obama ship of lies came in came in once more.

"A video caused the murders."

Susan Rice uttered a month of lies on one single Sunday. Obama didn't try to rescue them because, because, because...

"We'll get to the bottom of it. We'll get to the bottom of it."
30 weeks ago
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Good closing paragraph O!
30 weeks ago
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