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Of Motes & Beams: Bridgegate Edition

February 2nd, 2014 - 7:22 am

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

–Matthew 7:3

Unlike many of my friends, I am not a particular fan of Chris Christie. Sure, I enjoyed watching him take apart that preposterous teacher who, with tremulous voice, complained that the state of New Jersey wasn’t paying enough of her bills. Delicious, I think, and sound policy to boot.

But notwithstanding his embarrassing protestations to the contrary, I think he is a bully. That’s not the reason I am not part of the Christie fan club, though. To my mind, Christie has about as much chance of being president as all those other establishment candidates who have been paraded before us as “mainstream,” “not divisive,” etc. Remember Bob Dole? Remember John McCain? Remember Mitt Romney?  We were supposed to rally round them and eschew other candidates because the other candidates were “extreme” or “unelectable.”

Let’s grant that the establishment candidates were not “unelectable.” But none was elected. Will we never learn?

I also think Chris Christie is very unsound on a lot of issues. He waffled, in a distinctly Islamophilic direction, over the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. I’m told by my New Jersey friends that he has failed to rein in state taxes. The aroma of big-government, machine politics clings resolutely to Chris Christie.

That said, there is something surreal about the reaction to the revelations about the George Washington Bridge lane closures. Really, it is like something out of Jonathan Swift.

Aide the first: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Aide the second: “Got it.”

Yikes. And Friday’s allegation by the lawyer for aide number 2, former Port Authority official David Wildstein, that Christie knew about the lane closures when they were happening has the salivary glands of Christie’s enemies working overtime.

Christie denies the allegation. He’s a smart guy, and I suspect the record will bear him out. In the end, I’d wager, the most we’ll discover is that Christie had a Henry II “Will-no-one-rid-me-of -this-turbulent-priest” scene:

Gov (muttering to himself): “Thou lily-livered poltroon mayor of Fort Lee! Darest thou refuse to support my reelection? I will do such things — what they are, I know not yet. Mayhap you’ll find the traffic around your puny town of pell mell havoc and confusion.” 

Well, something like that. And Lady Bridget of Bridgegate, she of the ill-advised email, might have thought, “If it were done when tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly.” Or words to that effect.

So what do we have here? There’s been lots of sanctimonious sniffing from the commentariat and (natch) Christie’s political rivals. “The worst example of a petty political vendetta,” quoth the New York Daily News.” Then there’s the New Jersey Star-Ledger, which has thundered that Christie ought to resign or be impeached if David Wildstein’s allegations turn out to be true.

Do you really think so? What is it, exactly, that Christie is accused of? Creating a traffic jam? No, not quite. Ordering a traffic jam? No, that’s not quite right either. Being irritated with the mayor of Fort Lee, who declined to endorse his reelection bid, and wishing to get back at him somehow and then not minding when he was embarrassed with some really bad traffic over the George Washington Bridge?

That last comes pretty close to what the governor of New Jersey is accused of.

Pretty heinous, eh? I mean, you never see bad traffic on the George Washington Bridge. And of course, no politicians ever indulge in political pay-back.

 Governor implicated in traffic jam. 

Political opponents demand impeachment.


How’s that for a headline?

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the president of the United States publicly declares he is willing to contravene the Constitution in order to achieve his agenda. He’s been on that jog for quite a while now, and his State of the Union address last week reinforced his out-of-touch imperial ambitions. Some are joking — some joke! — that he appears to think of himself as a sort of secular Trinity, embodying in his own person the three branches of government.

So what do we have here?

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What is it, exactly, that Christie is accused of?

Of being petty.
Of being no better than the worst of his kind.
Of being venal and vengeful.
Of being a flaming hypocrite.

Look, I'm no lover of Lib-tard Demoncrats. But Christie is no better than them. And that's what he's being vilified for.

Every time one of us defends this mutt by pointing out how much worse the other side has been, I spit up a little in my hand.

Can you hear me, Roger? Really? Can you hear me?

37 weeks ago
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Christie is to Obama what jaywalking is to serial murder.

In Chicago or Cook County, if you got a traffic jam for bucking The Machine... you got off easy. Heck, a traffic jam would be considered the warning...not the punishment. did Obama do again to punish sequestration? Can somebody remind me...because our suddenly "delicate sensibility" media might have "missed" the opportunity to weigh in on retribution politics.

Obama and this cabal are all retribution...all the time.

If their lapdogs are going to get up off the couch to go pee on the carpet, we may want to roll up one of their dead tree newspapers and give it its only remaining use.
37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
He's accused of abusing the power of his office for his own (political in this case) gain. He's accused of corruption, and it's an offense worthy of being kicked out of office. That's no mote.

I don't care whether he's a Democrat, Republican, or Tea Partier, and I certainly don't care whether "That other politician over there did worse!" That's a reason to ask the press why they aren't turning their high beams on Obama as well, not an excuse for Christie.

Do you really want American's political class to feel that they can screw over the people of a town that "voted the wrong way", at will, without any repercussions? Think about what you're saying and the likely consequences if it's taken seriously.
37 weeks ago
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All Comments   (38)
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Roger, Obama is innocent of the IRS, Benghazi and Obamacare scandals/debacles ... because he said so himself; just ask Bill O'Reilly.
Obama said; believe it or else!!!!
37 weeks ago
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36 weeks ago
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Nakoula was funded and set up from the start by friends of Obama. There was a plan to use the video against 'Islamophobes' in some form or fashion. He was a political prisoner, that's it.
37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
Roger, everything you say is a commonplace. It's the way things are and have been for a long time. Christie knew all of this going in. Yet, he got to the point where he felt he was different, unique, immune from the reflexive anti-Republicanism by the media. That was his biggest flaw in judgement. Temporarily lulled by shallow media adulation, he forgot who he was and he forgot what the media was. He was a star. He was a celeb. He was above it all. McCain and how many other Republicans have done the same silly thing? Over and over. Sucked in and sucker punched. It should be a cliche by now - except for establishment Republicans doing their Sally Fields impersonation: "They love me. They really do." Right.

Bottom line: If you want to be a successful Republican, you have to be squeaky clean, you have to do what you say, and you have to cultivate the voters rather than the corrupt media and self-interested political elites. Christie did not do that.
37 weeks ago
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Almost all Prog trolls on here tonight.
37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
Dear Leader apparently believes that under no circumstances will anyone dare bring criminal charges him while he’s still in office. Given the opposition’s fear of his body armor this is a pretty fair assumption—if only O’s keen intellect could be turned away from criminal practices.

But does O also believe that this will remain the case even after he’s out of office? If not he might go for a UN SG gig in the belief that it would guarantee his immunity for life. Another matter that would guarantee his immunity would be to appoint Holder as his undersecretary—you’ve got to protect the ones that have the goods on you. Both of them would be among friends again.

37 weeks ago
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"Dear Leader apparently believes that under no circumstances will anyone dare bring criminal charges him while he’s still in office."

Hmmm. Maybe that's because he knows that our Constitution forbids it.

A sitting President cannot be charged with a crime. He must first be impeached by the House, AND convicted by the Senate, and removed from office.

Only THEN can he be charged with crimes.

37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
Shame on you Roger, for implying that what Christie did (or MAY have done) can be excused or overlooked because of the wrongs of other politicians.

IF Christie is guilty, he should be out of office and in jail. That has exactly NOTHING to do with what Obama has done.

Yes, I get it, this illustrates the hypocrisy of the left. That's obvious.

But the hypocrisy of the left and the guilt of Obama does not in any way excuse anybody else.

That's a basic lesson I'm trying to teach my children.

You ARE old enough to know better.

37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
It boggles the mind to think a pol as astute as Christie-----a Republican RE-ELECTED governor in NJ for pete's sake!!----would be guilty of such a petty bit of vindictiveness as this. Hello-----you close bridge lanes for ANY reason it's going to be "time for some traffic problems". That's simply a statement of fact, not a threat.
37 weeks ago
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"Christie is to Obama what jaywalking is to serial murder."

I think so. For five years, my intellectual integrity has been suffering at the hands of a rhetoric spewing liar, almost ridiculously enabled by corrupt media.

Relative to the guy sitting as president, Chris Christie is an angel.
37 weeks ago
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I must admit I'm a little surprised here. So many of the commentators below "get it", and Roger does not. So much for the intellectual integrity of pundits.
37 weeks ago
37 weeks ago Link To Comment
Another example in relation to your opening salvo concerning how Christie has punched back at greedy favorite was when the principle said he was going to have to go find a new position elsewhere because 200 Thousand was not enough and Christie shot back...Let me help you pack.

All this other stuff, politics, and yes, it doesn't make rhyme or reason a lot of the time, but hey, que sara sara.
37 weeks ago
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