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10 Surprisingly Unconventional Uses for Your Crock-Pot

Your slow-cooker is not just for pot roasts anymore!

Paula Bolyard


May 28, 2014 - 10:22 am
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While you likely already know that your crock-pot is fabulous for making mouth-watering stews, pot roasts, and soups, you might be surprised to learn just how wide a variety of concoctions you can create in your slow-cooker. Here are some surprising and unconventional uses for your crock-pot:


1. Candles

A good quality, jar-sized candle at a specialty store can cost you close to $30. Fortunately, they’re not that difficult to make at home and they’re much less expensive than the store-bought varieties. By following a few easy steps you’ll enjoy homemade candles at a fraction of the price. Your friends and family will also appreciate your lovely scented gifts!

This is a great opportunity to get creative with glass jars you’ve recycled or found at thrift stores or yard sales. As long as the jars will fit in your crock-pot, you’re free to use your imaginate to create unique candles. In addition to the jars, you’ll need wax (renewable soy wax is slow-burning and soot free), essential oil or candle fragrance, candle coloring dye, and wicks. All of these supplies are available at craft stores or from online sources.

Instructions here.

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If it is soap, by definition it is not detergent.
26 weeks ago
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Do invest in a bar of Fels Naptha soap, even if you don't want to make your own laundry soap. Fels Naptha is the finest stain remover ever made. I use it on shirt collars (and grass stains, red dirt, blood, grease, and marinara).
26 weeks ago
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Sounds like you're having to clean up too much after offing people. You need to plan better to avoid stains.
26 weeks ago
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29 weeks ago
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link is wrong
28 weeks ago
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