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5 Memories That Will Make You Nostalgic for the 1970s

Do these make you want to play your disco albums and pull out your old leisure suit?

Paula Bolyard


May 24, 2014 - 7:00 am
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As it turns out, the decade wasn’t all bad!

Here are a few things we remember fondly from the 1970s:


1. Department Store Gift-Wrapping

As a child I was completely enchanted by the dazzling array of bows and shiny gift wrap displayed on the wall in the gift-wrapping department at the May Company department store near my home in suburban Cleveland. The ladies were expert wrappers, with perfectly creased corners and stripes that lined up at every seam. The bows and gift cards were like icing on the tops of beautiful cakes. It was like watching magic happen before my eyes to see an ordinary salad bowl transformed into a sparkly work of art piled high with ribbon and lace. These days, most stores no longer offer gift-wrapping service (though a handful still do). More often than not you’ll be directed to the wrapping paper aisle and told to fend for you ham-handed self — explaining the exponential growth of the gift bag industry.

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The Bad:

1. Gas lines
2. Jimmy Carter
3. 11% inflation
4. The Vietnam War
5. Ford Pinto

The Good:

1. Rush
2. Judas Priest
3. Black Sabbath
4. Rainbow
5. Uriah Heep
9 weeks ago
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Heavy gold necklaces and shagging on green carpet.
9 weeks ago
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Going to an actual butcher (whose livelihood depended on his reputation) and getting honest, quality, fresh meat, cut to order, that didn't have God Knows What chemicals and antibiotics infused within it.
9 weeks ago
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All Comments   (53)
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The only great things about the 1970s all involve music. In every genre, 1968 to 1983 ( the "70s") produced the best American pop music ever. Which led to lots of late night radio-listening, beer-drinking and love-making. Everything else about the 1970s was awful.
9 weeks ago
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9 weeks ago
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Neil Diamond, Hot August Night, 1972
9 weeks ago
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Space program to moon
No steroids in professional sports
No tattoos
Advanced placement classes to benefit hard-working students
Pre-AIDS, no condom required
9 weeks ago
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I'm just as happy to skip the photo developing "pleasure." But it's too bad about the gift-wrapping counters. (Those still offered on your linked list are nowhere near the same.) I only used them once or twice, but I loved them, and didn't realize they were gone.
9 weeks ago
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Top movies include:,1979&title_type=feature

Star Wars
The Godfather
Blazing Saddles
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Apocalypse Now
Saturday Night Fever
Live And Let Die
Annie Hall
Mad Max
The Sting
Animal House
Young Frankenstein
The Exorcist
A Clockwork Orange
Taxi Driver
Dirty Harry
Solyent Green
Smokey and the Bandit

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9 weeks ago
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The bad:

1. Disco
2. Leisure suits
3. Puffy sleeves on mens' tuxedo shirts
4. Jimmy Carter
5. Gas lines


1. Jeff Beck's fusion stage
2. AOR radio stations
3. The Ramones
4. Graphite fishing rods introduced
5. Last decade before female hypergamy became the norm
9 weeks ago
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Yes, but the 70's also brought us Disco and the Leisure Suit.
How can anyone possibly be nostalgic for that?
9 weeks ago
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Miscellaneous fun cars that weren't terribly expensive and had not (yet) been ruined by the EPA and the NHTSA nannies. The Fiat 850 Spider in the Fotomat photo is a perfect example. Reliable? Maybe. Safe? Just don't hit anything. Fun? Absolutely. When they were running.

Music. Photography. "Fashion." Ditto 90% of the below comments. Plus, hauling around a full gas can all the time during the embargo. My lovely wife of now 35 years. Oh, and becoming a committed Conservative because of Carter and his policies, only a year or two out of college. Thank you '70's!
9 weeks ago
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Dressing up for dates! Dancing real dances! DATING not "hooking up".
VOLKSWAGON BEETLES. REAL Muscle Cars. No Saturday Mail. Movies that were memorable and classic. No ubiquitous plastic surgery and WHITENED teeth. Children who still acted like children and not little sexed up adults.
9 weeks ago
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