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What Are the 3 Different Kinds of Forgiveness?

Dr. Stephen Marmer provides the tools for self-healing in this week's course.

Prager University


May 5, 2014 - 5:00 pm

Prager University is an online resource for knowledge and clarity. There are no fees, books, homework assignments, or grueling midterms here - just clear, life changing ideas from world-renowned thinkers. With short videos on political science, economics, history, religion and life, Prager University offers big ideas on big topics. Five minutes is all the time we need to communicate these important ideas. Just as a shot of espresso boosts your energy, a shot of Prager University boosts your brain. Because not only will you have more knowledge - you will have more clarity. If you're ready to grow intellectually, we're ready for you.

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All Comments   (1)
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Good clear valuable advice. However I have found, on Wall Street, that forbearance is seen as weakness. People will do things, especially in a family, keep the benefit, self-defined and expect you to work to keep the relationship.

The best tactic is to have a personal readiness to cut all ties, knowing that you maybe feeding an unhealthy relationship, through misguided decisions.,
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