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Mexico’s Best and Brightest Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in America

Would you run for the border if you could?

Bonnie Ramthun


May 5, 2014 - 5:00 am


Imagine a new country suddenly emerging somewhere in the world, a country based on America’s old Constitution and nothing more. This new country has no taxes, a strong military, a free and open press, and a limited government.

Would you pack your bags? Let’s head out for the Atlantis of Atlas Shrugged, or Sarah Hoyt’s Eden colony in Darkship Thieves, or Heinlein’s lunar base in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. We’d miss our old home and feel sorrow over leaving our old country, but to be free of the increasing weight of totalitarian government? Color me gone, and my family too. We did it once, generations ago, when we got on a boat and headed to America. We could do it again.

This is why Mexico is a failed state. Rebels who object to a government unwilling to preserve individual liberty and protect private property have an Atlantis shimmering and beckoning on the horizon. They’ve packed their bags and moved here, some legally and some illegally. Some have died in the deserts of the American Southwest, murdered by coyotes or succumbing to thirst, willing to die to gain freedom.

Left behind are the people who either engage in corruption themselves or have no energy to fight it. Consider Michoacan, Mexico. Almost half the state’s population lives in the United States. Those left behind endure passively as corrupt government officials make deals with drug cartels and refuse to protect people’s safety or private property. Their rebel for liberty, their Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin, isn’t around. He’s moved to America.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory in 1862 of a small, ill-equipped Mexican force over the powerful French army at the Battle of Puebla, southeast of Mexico City. It took another five years before Mexico gained independence, but the 5th of May is celebrated as the symbol of Mexican freedom. Today’s rebels should fight to free Mexico and turn her back into a vibrant and wonderful country, but I can understand how the lure of freedom in their neighbor to the North is too much.

Because if you had a free country to emigrate to, would you stick around here and fight it out, or would you pack your bags?


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Bonnie Ramthun lives in Colorado with her husband and children. She's the author of mysteries and thrillers for adults and children. Her middle grade mystery "The White Gates' was a Junior Library Guild premiere selection and was a finalist for the Missouri Truman award. All her novels are available on Amazon.

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Amnesty pusher Eric Cantor's campaign ad lies exposed by
42 weeks ago
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Mexico would probably be better off if the French had kept control of the country long enough at least to influence the cuisine.
42 weeks ago
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Hubby (a Canadian) says that since Cinco de Mayo is mostly just celebrated in the Mexican State of Puebla, we should "import" a Canadian Holiday that is mostly only celebrated in one Canadian Province. He cited Saint Jean Baptiste Day (celebrated in Quebec) on June 24th. Wouldn't that represent "equality" for Americans to celebrate the other Holiday that is limited/obscure in it's home country & at the same time be "inclusive" of all North Americans? A little closer to home, we could celebrate Prince Kuhio Day, (celebrated in Hawaii) & like the Hawaiians shut the government down on March 26th. What the heck, lets just celebrate EVERY countries Holidays...lest we appear "biased"!!
42 weeks ago
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Options for Mexican illegals.
1. Go home. (Irse a casa)
2. On a Mexican state-by-state basis ask for admission to the Union. Admission would include some period of time as a territory to allow adjustments and buyers remorse. Baja, Norte and Sud become California counties.
3. Grow a set (macho is a latino thing, right?) and take your own country back.
42 weeks ago
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--It took another five years before Mexico gained independence,--

Just a point to all those who like to call us oppressors but the reason for the French occupation had to do with our preoccupation between 1861 and 1865. It was the ending of that that caused Mexico to gain independence.

42 weeks ago
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