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By Request: Beach Boys, ‘Sail On, Sailor’

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April 24, 2014 - 9:00 pm


Allston’s back with another request. Here’s the Beach Boys with “Sail On, Sailor.” (Personally, I prefer Jimmy Buffett’s cover of it, but I aim to please.)

YouTube Preview Image

With this feature we get to play DJ and share some of our favorite music. Hopefully PJ Lifestyle readers will gain some new favorite songs and artists as a result. Current DJ starting 2/8/2014: Chris Queen. Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisQueen and tweet your picks to him. Image courtesy

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All Comments   (2)
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Not to be a complainer, but I'm going to complain.

The Lifestyle page is seriously cluttered, almost to the point of uselessness, with daily "By Request" songs (who is requesting these?) and sunset photos (seriously, one or two was nice, but it passed the point of overkill a long time ago).

OK, maybe it's a minor annoyance, but I hate having to scan past all this filler to find something I might want to READ.

If you don't have enough material to post a new article every day, that's fine. I bet people would be more likely to read what IS posted if they didn't have to filter through stuff that might more appropriately be posted to someone's facebook page.
44 weeks ago
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As far as the music requests go, Chris Queen cites who requested it in the content of the post.
44 weeks ago
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