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4 Quick Observations from the Grammy Awards

The ceremony steered clear of politics until ...

Chris Queen


January 28, 2014 - 5:49 am
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I almost didn’t watch the Grammy Awards. The last few years, I’ve debated watching — largely because my music tastes have become less mainstream over the years but for other reasons as well. But, since I’m a sucker for the awards themselves, I wound up watching Sunday night’s ceremony. I walked away from the telecast with these four quick observations:

1. Beatlemania Is Alive and Well.


The 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival on U.S. shores takes place next week, and it’s clear that Beatlemania is still a force to reckon with. Ringo Starr performed “Photograph,” and he sounded pretty good. Paul McCartney performed “Queenie Pie,” a quirky, Beatlesque song off his new album, with Ringo on drums. Additionally, Sir Paul picked up a pair of awards at the ceremony. CBS will air a special on February 9 to commemorate the 50th anniversary. As a longtime fan, all this Beatles love makes me happy.

2. Daft Punk’s Costume Shtick Doesn’t Translate Well to an Awards Show.


French Electronic duo Daft Punk picked up four trophies, including the the two biggest prizes: Record of the Year and Album of the Year. They took the stage three times to accept awards and once to perform. The group is famous for their costumed performances, part of their attempts to maintain their anonymity (which I understand), but their futuristic robot getup didn’t work so well on the awards show stage.

Each time they entered the stage after a win, one of the featured performers had to give a speech for them. Each one began with, “I guess the robots wanted me to say…” The speeches were some of the most surreal moments of the night (even in light of Katy Perry’s performance.)

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"Lorde’s slightly awkward performance?"

It's now No. 1 on my list of all-time stupidest musical performances I have ever seen.

It's what I might expect to see if someone high on quaaluds and whiskey was accidentally trapped in a damp unfinished basement with a karaoke machine.
1 year ago
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I'm too old to be able to identify one song or "artist"after about 1985, and from the reportage of whatever passed for music at The Grammy's, I feel fortunate not to have watched it.

Where are Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, The Drifters and The Four Tops when you need them?
1 year ago
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I agree about John Legend. As he was singing I said to myself, "that was a genius line..wait, that's a genius lyric too.." rinse and repeat. The song itself was beautifully written and his performance was strong and passionate without the technical show and glitz. HIGHLIGHT of the night for a real SONG and not so much "entertainment"..although I know the latter has it's place too. (Runner up to Pink for being just stinking talented, strong, and brave. Dang!)

There was also a very distinct difference in the quality of performances from the "Old Guard" (McCartney, Starr, Willie, Haggard, Kristofferson, and even Metallica) and the newer young guys (Lorde, Pink, Musgraves, Pharrell, Perry, & Macklemore/Lewis), save Stevie Wonder..that guys seems timeless. It just seemed like the Old Guard struggled a bit while the youngsters were at least creative in presentation.

Lastly, I was skeptical of Imagine Dragons and Radioactive..but was pleasantly surprised at their performance of the song and Kendrick Lamar's impassioned addition to an already intense song. And just when I thought they had nowhere left to go with the song..THE COLOR BLAST against the all-white stage, instruments, and clothing. WOW. I've never seen that before. Kudos!
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