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13 Weeks: New Year, New Season, New Experiments

Lose more weight. Get more done. Have more fun. Is that too much to ask?

Charlie Martin


January 4, 2014 - 1:00 pm
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Someone once said that a good epic starts in the middle. (Actually it was Horace, it was in his Ars Poetica around 13BC, and he made the distinction between something that started ab ovo, “from the egg”, or in medias res, “in the middle of things”, but then inserting a lengthy side bar with references to Classical Latin in a diet column might seem erudite but really would be sort of pretentious and silly, don’t you think?)

In any case, we’re starting in the middle of this story. Tomorrow, 5 January 2014, I’m starting the fifth (and sixth, more on this later) of my 13 week experiments in changing and improving my health and my life. The first one started in November 2012, more than a year ago, motivated by the most reasonable of things: I don’t want to die. I most especially don’t want to die young, and I felt like both of my parents had.

I have reasons to be concerned. I’ve had problems with my weight since I was six, and at the time I started this I was around 300 lbs, I was well along into type II diabetes, and I had severe sleep apnea that was manifesting in something close to narcolepsy. I live in a two-story house and I was finding that I was pre-planning trips up and down the stairs because they wore me out.

Now, a year later, I’ve made some significant changes. I’m around 265 lbs, my blood sugar is much improved, and I run up and down the stairs with wild abandon and cups of hot coffee. But I’m not done yet. I want to lose more weight, and I’ve got some new challenges in my life, with a new job and a certain feeling that I have more to do.

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If you nail that early shower and dress routine, will you have to forfeit your position as a PJ Media regular? ;)

Seriously, your ability to maintain this very respectable plateau is cause for celebration in and of itself, and with these great insights for turning what makes you tick into advantages, you’ll have even more successes in ’14 I am sure. Best! ML
1 year ago
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I think you've summarized well and your new plans sound promising. I laughed (seeing myself) in the 12-18 eggs example and I think the daily routines are excellent ideas. Congratulations on your new job and continued good luck to you!
1 year ago
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Hi Sally! I'd just been wondering today what had become of you.
1 year ago
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