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Barry Rubin


November 26, 2013 - 10:09 am
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“The sky was all purple
There were people runnin’ everywhere

Tryin’ to run from the destruction
You know I didn’t even care…

Oops out of time,
So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 19[3]9.”

–Prince, “1999”

I have been working hard to explain to people that Iran’s nuclear weapons are not the major threat to Israel. It is obvious.

The problem is that after almost a century, Israel is not just the object of genocide by the Arabs but by many Iranian, Turkish, and newly European and North American Muslims. It is truly awesome how few politically active would-be peacemakers among Arabs and Middle Eastern Muslims there are.

Given Secretary of State Hamann the Agagite, it is unfortunate that there is no King Ahasuerus.

Of course some of this, especially in the West, is due to the phony two-state or at least two-stage-to-extinction solution.

I should mention this was not just a knee-jerk conclusion on my part but one reached over the course of 45 years.

Of course, we can always hope for a Queen Esther, who in answer to the king’s, “Where is the man who has dared to do such a thing?” could reply, “The adversary and enemy is this vile Hamann.”

Somehow, I don’t think Michelle would play such a role.

Note two ignored points on Iranian nuclear, which show the focus is ridiculous:

  1. Why use nuclear weapons when you believe you will win by conventional means and while you make billions to shore up the Tehran regime so effectively in the short-run?
  2. Iran’s nuclear effort is ironically a defensive strategy to neutralize any possible Israeli nuclear option or an Israeli attack on Iran.

This is a massive misdirection, Get it?

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All Comments   (8)
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Israel is the Little Satan. The US is the Great Satan. Iran plans the future of the Great Satan. It involves launching a nuke rocket from a large commercial ship and triggering the nuke over Kansas, making an Electro-magnetic pulse which will fry the US electrical grid. The experiments in the 1960s indicate the lines will be cut and dropped on the ground like spaghetti from hangers being liquefied. Substations will be melted and replacing key components means getting on the waiting list, years long, at the factory in Sweden. This plan is ubiquitous in Iranian writings on the general subject. Iran has practiced rocket launch from the deck of a commercial ship in the Caspian Sea.

In the last 125 years, the modern world has been plagued by Low Information individuals who are Deductive reasoners, gifting us with two world wars, and weird economic religions.

The Administration's policy toward Iran's nukes has not discovered the plans for the Great Satan.

Say, do all those steam locomotives still work?

Iran and North Korea are Graustark and Grand Fenwick. They should not be allowed to greatly boost their power to steal.
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Not the most lucid of articles. Suppose Barry Rubin is saying that the nuclear weapon issue is not the primary method Iran intends to use to destroy Israel. A nuclear weapon once achieved will be used to bully its neighbors whilst Iran continues to bleed Israel to death with all the other weapons at its disposal. Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and of course the EU . Maybe Prof Rubin could write an addendum to explain the point he was trying to make.
1 year ago
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The Muslim world is falling further and further behind the rest of the world. A religion that oppresses the female half of the population and practices first cousin marriage, generation after generation, will doom its adherents in any global competition. It is no accident that the great age of Islamic civilization was the early period, up to 1000 AD or so. Many (or most) of the thinkers in the "Islamic" world at that time were Christians or Jews. By eliminating the "infidels" and repeatedly practicing first cousin marriage, the Muslims just get stupider and stupider with each passing generation. Just look at the results.
1 year ago
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Barry babe Israel hasn't exactly been going around nuking their non-nuclear neighbors, so just whatever it is you were trying to say, it ain't making sense at this end.
1 year ago
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Iran's nuclear effort is ironically a defensive..........

I'm going to take a stab at what Rubin is getting at here

1) Assume Israel does not take out Iran nukes
2) Iran now has nukes
3) Iran plays asymmetrical warfare with Israel, bleeding it to death.
4) Israel can't attack Iran - its' too late. Israel just gets bled to death with a million cuts by Iranian proxies
5) Iran never needs to drop nuke(s) on Isreal and Israel bleeds to death as the world watches.
6) Game over.

Israel must be able to see:

a) Iran gets nukes and destroys Israel while sacrificing 20 million dead Iranians by Israeli counter attack. Iran wins.

b) Iran gets nukes and destroys Israel by bleeding it to death. Israel checkmated. Iran wins

c) If you are the Israeli leaders and you love your country, care about Jews everywhere, wish to see Israel exist you have but one option. Take a guess.
1 year ago
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"Why use nuclear weapons when you believe you will win by conventional means and while you make billions to shore up the Tehran regime so effectively in the short-run?"
Well.................if in your heart, you really, really, REALLY WANTED to use them. Makes for a totally different scenario. And maybe in your heart of hearts you don't want or need to use them on Israel but want to give them, the hard way, to the U.S. and E.U. The Twelfth Imam could ask no less.
1 year ago
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To Prof. Iw

I do not think he is saying that they have no intention, but that the greater problem is a growing atmosphere of opposition to the Jewish State. As Israel is delegitimized an environment is created in which its destruction can be accepted.
1 year ago
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Prof. Rubin, do you really hold that Iran has no intention, given favorable conditions, of using an atomic bomb against Israel? That is not my real question. If the Iranians need the bomb as a defensive weapon, just how will Iran defeat with a positive strategy Israel, viz., drive out, if not liquiate, Israeli Jews? Maybe I missed something in the hammer-like unfolding of your article. In simply terms for a person in Germany, just what does Iranian strategy entail re victory over Israel, viz., a new "final solution"?.

Last night on German tv I watched, for awhile as it made me sick, interviews with Israelis. One Israeli commonly explained the worry of re the genocidal utterances of top Iranians and the giving into Iran re atomic program. This man was introduced as a RADICAL Israeli of some sect or another. Thereafter some Israelis, announced in glowing terms of sobriety--terms to convince the German viewer that, ah here, here we have THE true Israeli opinion (by implication Netanyahu becomes a minority). At any rate, in the deal lies the wisdom of Germany's push for peace in the Mideast. Both pro and con were realized by calm speakers, just the adjectival qualification of the speaker seeing danger disqualified the man as a fanatic. (All this strikes me a schzo as tonight there will be a two hour program on the rise of Hitler and his "insane" policies.) Obviously, the German MSM have drawn a thick red line between anti-semitism aka radical Nazi Jew killers of the past and Kill-the-Jews leaders of Iran of today. Genocidal threats are not taken seriously, if taken at all. I do not undertand it.
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