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Abused Language, Aborted History

Contemporary feminism is too busy tweeting to notice their racist roots.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


November 17, 2013 - 3:00 pm
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The abuse of language has got to stop. …We cannot condemn as bigotry everything that we don’t agree with. Words like bigotry have to go. …That’s what you do. You destroy meanings, you anesthetize people, and you turn people off. You turn the mind off. You kill the brain. We cannot have this. We cannot have this abuse of language going on.

 – Camille Paglia

Sarah Milstein knows a thing or two about abuse of language. Just check out her advice to fellow white women at the Huffington Post on how to confront their inner-racist:

2. If you feel defensive when talking about race with a woman of color or reading about race in a piece written by a woman of color, assume the other person is saying something especially true. That is: use your defensiveness as a Bat Signal, alerting you to your own biases. Sure, yes, of course, the other person may have said something insensitive or unreasonable. But if you want to change the dynamics of the world (reminder: you’re a feminist, so you do), assume your discomfort is telling you something about you, not about the other person.

3. Look for ways that you are racist, rather than ways to prove you’re not.

4. Listen to people of color, even if you don’t know many. …You can also do a ton of thoughtful listening on Twitter — a medium that gives you legitimate access to the thoughts and conversations of people you may not know.

No, Ms. Milstein doesn’t write for Saturday Night Live, although her advice does play like a really bad joke penned by a socially insulated upper middle class white woman. One who probably spends her weekends trolling Hell’s Kitchen with her yuppie boyfriend going, “Look, honey, The Other – aren’t we so racially cool?!” before heading back to Williamsburg for some sustainable vegan yoga.

For every liberal feminist who hates Paglia, there’s a moronic Milstein out there proving her right. There is real racism within feminism and every other -ism that values a human being in terms of minority/majority status. However, instead of focusing on this inherent ideological discrimination, the lingo fascists of feminism have grossly abused language to suit their own politically correct agenda. In doing so, they trivialize the historic connection between modern feminism and eugenic racism, replacing it with a pastiche of ignorant expressions of pseudo-guilt. If feminism truly sought to confront racism within its ranks, they’d start by confronting the racist reality of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

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All Ms. Paglia has done for decades is rail against the PC dictatorship that she completely supports with her votes. Buy a clue Camilla!
43 weeks ago
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No, she's yelled at almost everyone, and she's very good at it. Her political 'support' often seems calculated to keep her in the limelight, but she's always eloquent, almost always interesting, and very often correct. She's already vented on the subject of bigots railing about bigots. Can't find the link, sadly -- it was a long time ago -- but recall she was scathing about feminist bags of gas who use and misuse words like meme, parameter and simplistic, and who know moar about litmus tests than pregnancy tests. In reality, they're often lightweights with nothing to say.

It may benefit angry housewives around here to recall she once said she opted for the dyke side of the fence because she couldn't find a man who could keep up with her. Ouch.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'm wondering what, exactly, makes one a bigot.

If you recongnize that some cultural groups engage in inferior behaviour, are you a bigot even though your belief is factually correct, and you are not an actual racist?

It is a simple, verifiable fact that not all cutural groups have equal behaviour. That does not mean some people are genetically superior.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
I believe that to be bigoted is to behave as though it were possible to judge the actions of subjects as though they were objects. I believe that every human being is a subject, possessing a will and a capacity for reason that cannot be objectively measured or criticized.
Human behavior is typically only qualified relationally in terms of a type of cultural "goodness". So we say that based on circumstances an individual either behaves well or poorly. So I'm not sure what you mean by "equal" behavior.
Groups with very obvious missions or purpose for existence can, I believe, be validly judged based upon objective criteria, but only when the group mentality suppresses the will and rationality (the elements of a person that makes one a subject and not an object) of the individual.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
There is a corollary to Ms. Sarah Dingbag: If you don't feel defensive when talking to a black person who is playing the race card but offended and angered then you are not a racist.

The only real litmus test for racism is the attitude towards a black and white couple deeply in love having a family. If you object to this you are a racist. If you don't, you are not.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
With this simplistic litmus test, I have to disagree. I prefer the term "bigoted" to "racist"; racist, IMO, is a subset. We're all bigoted to some degree, about some things. The problem is when we're unwilling or unable to examine our preconceptions and change our attitudes. I'd prefer that bigotry be out there; then it can be argued. (Example: someone could argue that they object to an interracial marriage because of concern over what the kids might face. So you explain your own thoughts on the subject - love and marriage and sex are deep and human-based, not race-based; society's changing and fewer and fewer care about "pure" ethnic origins, etc.) Without discussion, there's no possibility of seeing someone else's side, no possibility of any understanding. Name-calling, of course, cuts all of that short.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
To be a bigot requires effort but I believe that everyone has prejudices and is chauvinistic to some degree. It is part of human nature to feel the one the most resembles you is the best. Those things, though, are emotion-based and can be overcome with reason and discussion. Racism, OTOH, is a thought-based attempt to justify those emotions and that makes it especially damnable.

Now if you found a friend was about to be married to someone of another race and you expressed your concerns and he told that he and his fiancee were aware of the potential hardships but they were going through with it anyway, would you try to break up this marriage or cut his man off from your circle? That's the litmus test.
43 weeks ago
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Ah, abortion abortion, always with us. I suppose I could tell my liberal friends that modern abortion is a great thing, since it has its roots in a desire to wipe out black and brown races, an impulse that continues, and continues successfully.

Or I could just say that I've come to terms with the monstrous abortion issue, and now advocate to abort Democrats. Late term is okay! No time limits! And no pain meds! A better world for all!

So Sanger was kept busy "separating her principle of women’s liberation through birth control from the Nazi search for a superior race through birth control"? So she ran around saying "I am not a Nazi! I am not a Nazi!"? So that's how a "woman warrior" acts... Good to know.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Don't forget to tell your friends how you appreciate how abortion allows you to consider women as sexual toys/playthings/objects vice potential life partners. Eliminates the requirement to consider a woman as a potential partner for at least 18 years should an undesired pregnancy arise, just something to use and discard for the night without further contemplation of unfortunate future entanglements.

Women as toys vice life partners and mates.
43 weeks ago
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The word "bigotry" doesn't have to go, it needs to be respected. It needs to be respected in such a way where it is not simply embodied in skin and gender, but in actual deeds and principle.

A perfect example is the recent feminist racist and sexist fest, a conversation on stage with bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry. Principle was nowhere in site and solely race and gender was used to decide right and wrong. Multiply that by thousands, maybe millions.

If the word "bigotry" was respected, and principle, it could easily be seen that hooks and Perry are the intellectual children of the KKK. With the "justice" of such people being mainstreamed into the heart of America, some version of the Civil Rights movement and WW II may eventually have to be fought all over again.

Bigotry is not rocket science. If a person writes obsessively about a group identity and that identity is portrayed in the negative 100% of the time, that is bigotry. Forget what the writers look like.

That definition fits ethnic studies, radical feminism, postcolonialist studies, the NAACP, the President's former "church," the modern science fiction community, MSNBC, and perhaps even our Dept. of Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Defamation has been institutionalized in America to a startling degree. Sites like the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos often mimic the rhetoric of American Nazi Bunds of the '30s.

In Orwellian liberalism, bigotry becomes justice and hate becomes a form of compassionate outreach and even love. Paglia needs to get a clue, stop with the relativism and take a principled stand.
44 weeks ago
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