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The Ten Worst Purveyors of Antisemitism Worldwide, #4: the BBC

Britain's media behemoth poisons the airwaves.

P. David Hornik


November 10, 2013 - 8:00 am
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Back in 2002 the journalist Douglas Davis, in an article originally published in the UK’s The Spectator, explained why he had stopped accepting interview requests for BBC TV. It was because “September 11 changed all that”:

Even as the Twin Towers came crashing down, the BBC was rushing in the first of a stream of studio analysts to solemnly intone, one after another, that it was racist to assume that Arabs or even Muslims were responsible. More likely, they chorused, it was the Mossad because such an event “played into Israeli hands.”

Blaming the Mossad for the attack belongs, of course, to the outermost fringe of the loony. But the BBC’s “profound anti-Israel bias,” Davis wrote—which “reaches into virtually every British living room”—had “become ingrained in the BBC’s corporate culture.” To the point that, “wittingly or not, the BBC has become the principal agent for re-infecting British society with the virus of anti-Semitism.”

Over a decade later, has the situation changed? Not much. A year ago Adam Levick, indefatigable proprietor of the Cif Watch site, which monitors “antisemitism and the assault on Israel’s legitimacy in The Guardian,” launched BBC Watch. The BBC’s “coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Levick noted, “is often extremely misleading and egregiously biased.”

While the BBC may not be as virulent and obsessive an attacker of Israel and Jews as The Guardian, it has even greater reach. As Levick points out, “97% of the UK population—and roughly 225 million more people worldwide—watch and listen to BBC broadcasts every week….” And the BBC’s main web portal ( gets an Alexa ranking as about the 50th most trafficked site in the world.

Denying the sanctity of Jewish life, subjecting Israel to unique, discriminatory treatment, and providing a steady platform for an outright antisemite are some of the BBC’s recent exploits.

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Why can someone explain to me why an AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE has an ex-patriot America libeling writer constantly shoving all the in-justices in the world both real and imagined as they pertain to Israel in our face on an almost daily basis? Is there no room at the inn over at JWR? As someone who pays a premium membership I'd like to know if young conservative writers are so thin on the ground here in America that the PJM staff can't find one? Perhaps we could be treated to another noxious 13 Weeks Of.... "Trying to Find The Next a Native Conservative". Personally I don't care if Davey wants to list 50 top Anti-Semites, I just get tired of the relentlessness of his propagandizing.
1 year ago
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BBC (and NPR) still repeat Nazi propaganda, the story about Polish lancers attacking German tanks in 1939. A UFA film studios newsreel crew arranged some dead Polish cavalry officers (a regimental commander and his aides) on the ground in front of a tank as an incident. The officers had been machine-gunned by a tank as they gathered documents from dead Germans. The cavalry regiment has just completely massacred a battalion of German infantry reservists who were caught in a clearing of a woods with stacked arms and mess kits in hand, doing lunch. The colonel and staff officers stayed behind for documents after the regiment departed. In fact, Polish cavalry antitank weapons would pierce any German tank.

The Left finds the UFA-BBC-NPR story deeply satisfying.
1 year ago
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Closer to home BBC America’s anti-Americanism is so obvious that its claim to objectivity is a joke. And, indeed, their news offerings and analysis should be considered more like a form of entertainment. Although I have to warn everyone to not eat food while watching BBC broadcasts or you might end up ejecting it through your nose.
1 year ago
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Hate speech seems to be increasingly institutionalized today, which of course is the greatest source of danger when it comes to such matters. The greatest ethnic genocide since WW II, the 5.4 dead in the Second Congo War, began with institutional hate-mongering - media and politicians. It's a short step from bridging the gap from artists and media and politicians over to law and death.

I say that because one can presume many people in Germany hated Jews before the Nazis came to power, but had no legal instruments to go much further than individual disdain.

Of course, that was the issue - and opposite trend - in the mid-'60s in America, when black folks had the power of law as an instrument of discrimination removed as a weapon against them. Disdain for black folks had to be an increasingly individual disdain, with the weight of gov't and education now arrayed in their favor.

I watched Melissa Harris-Perry and bell hooks have a conversation at a college yesterday and I was startled at not only the racism, but how casual the rhetoric all was. The phrase "white capitalist male patriarchy" was used several times, as if a religious mantra. Under a rubric of "justice," those two women were inculcating hatred and helping to radicalize a young generation of women in sheer racial animus where whites were at the bottom of everything, including, incredibly, a young woman with 4 children and 3 fathers pregnant with a fifth who stood at a microphone to ask a question.

Where this will all lead is anyone's guess. Questions of right and wrong are being decided by identity and culture alone, quite aside from what those identities and cultures actually do.

That means that success and failure, good and evil, become irrelevant in favor of perceptions that may amount to nothing more than mad delusions and paranoid conspiracy theories. Political correctness is the greatest evil to descend on the West, and the world, since the '30s.
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