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Does Graduate School Make People Statist?

See, Voldemort's problem was he went to school too long.

Walter Hudson


November 6, 2013 - 2:00 pm
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The above info-graphic comes from an exit poll conducted on Election Night 2012. It shows a fascinating trend in voting behavior broken down by education level. As you can see, voters without a college education favored President Obama over Romney 52.4% to 46%. Among voters with some college education, the vote was split nearly 50/50. Voters who had earned a college degree favored Romney by the same margin as those without a college education favored Obama. It would seem that as voters advance through post-secondary education, they become more likely to vote Republican.

But look on. Voters who remained in school after earning an undergraduate degree broke sharply in favor of Obama. Their support for the incumbent president was even more pronounced than that among voters with no college education.

What happened? What could account for such a dramatic reversal in what otherwise appears to be a trend indicating post-secondary education fosters Republican tendencies? You tell me.

My wife was a graduate student, studying counseling psychology at a university in the Midwest. Leftist ideology was an article of faith among the faculty and student cohort alike. Our status as Republican-voting Christian conservatives was regarded with a mixture of revulsion and morbid curiosity. I never thought to pick anyone’s brain about why they voted the way they did. But if I were forced to speculate in hindsight, I would say the university environment fosters the sense that any social problem can be micromanaged by a cadre of elite geniuses.

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"But if I were forced to speculate in hindsight, I would say the university environment fosters the sense that any social problem can be micromanaged by a cadre of elite geniuses."

Genius micromanaged problem success stories: ACA, War on Poverty, Homelessness, the 'Hungary Children' lie, Affirmative Action Helps Americans who happen to have African ancestors, Education itself.

Final point. Education is...what? They convolute education and training. They make many work options credential based (teaching) without any recourse to successful completion of the task (my auto mechanic).

(PS, I have a graduate degree and voted GOP, but I am an engineer where 2+2 still = 4)
23 weeks ago
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There sure as hell aren't any conservative humanities majors, so does this means that all STEM majors are Republicans?
22 weeks ago
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Just out of curiousity, does American Studies count as either a humanities major or a conservative major, if any of the two? I'm taking that as a major, and am continuing it because my Mom basically assured me it is a conservative major. I'd do STEM, but since the chances of my doing very well in Math and Science are as predictable as Alaskan weather, I can't risk doing a STEM major (since I'm already nearing graduation anyways). I mean, its not that I'm necessarily stupid or ignorant of Math and Science, because I am perfectly capable of understanding the concepts and applying them. However, if I'm stuck with a teacher or textbook that does not communicate the problems in a way I can understand them, its almost like playing poker: Slight chance at getting the Jackpot, but most of the time you lose more than you win. Personally, I would go for a STEM major, especially considering the job market right now.
22 weeks ago
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Try grad school as an Electrical Engineer and tell your prof that an answer is what you want it to be.
22 weeks ago
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It's obvious. Mist graduate work is preparation for teaching or public service or other activities dependent on government money. The exception would be graduate degrees in the sciences but not many people can qualify for that. In Obama and the Dems, they have benefactors who will keep the spigot of money and jobs flowing strongly in the public sector and - most importantly - will never require (or even allow) any kind of cost-benefit analysis for any of these expenditures.
22 weeks ago
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Homosexuality and atheism tend to rise with higher education,too,but I think it is because a long term exposure to the Leftist/atheist culture in the overwhelming majority of universities is a corrupting influence on all but the very strongest-minded. Also, rational thought and actual critical thinking about decisions are strongly discouraged. For example, they would never discuss how homosexual behavior is EXTREMELY dangerous. You not only risk AIDS, which is semi-treatable, but Hepatitis B, which is NOT, and will destroy your liver and dramatically shorten your life. If you try to fire such facts and truth into the liberal dreamland, they will not say,"thanks for the warning", they will scream "HATER! HOMOPHOBE!" and rejoice that their STDs will all be treated for free under Obamacare. The more you get educated, the less you know, it seems.
22 weeks ago
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The professoriate is composed of the biggest clods and squares that the world has ever known. The silly orthodoxy imposed in the humanities and social sciences would make a serious scholar or original thinker sick if he weren't bored to death first. Yet these professors fancy themselves cool cats. Only people completely cut off from reality and self-deluded could believe such patent nonsense.
22 weeks ago
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Graduate school is proably not the culprit.

Graduate school is the gleaning of the acceptables who have been well trained. The final stage for "pledging" into the elite fraternities/sororities. The Guilds of future "professors" and "professionals" in charge of the memberships and secrets of the guilds.

The national Teaching and Media Corps (pronounced core for those at graduate levels that need help with the English language)

Final Stage in the apprenticeship for membership for "public education".

Beginning at nursery school. Aided and abetted by Sesame Street, then through primary, "high" school and "college/university". To produce the "polished" and well -trained twentieth century/twenty first century citizen of the world. As known in "advanced" Western nations.

Teachers nationwide in ALL the "educational" media working from the same lesson plans on the same page at the same time. Students at all levels in the same uniform of bluejeans and t-shirts or whatever the BM and BWOC choose.

Continuity. Inhibits that most dangerous social activity true free thinking. (no, not the hormonally controlled and drug taking adolescents in high school and universtity/college clones of what? Eloi?)

ALL necessary and "Natural"? "For the Good of the People" as determined by the "educated". Those brothers and sisters of the "elite" the supeiors of the societies with their handmaidens in government..

"Give me a child until he is five and he is mine for life".
22 weeks ago
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Fortunately, not in all cases. Simply growing up has transformed my son into a libertarian. I wouldn't give graduate school much of the credit though. Perhaps because he's pursuing a heavily math/science oriented degree (chemical engineering) he's been somewhat insulated from the social engineering department (liberal arts) which he says is a complete waste of time and money.
22 weeks ago
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Half way through graduate school on my way to the Masters degree I had a foreboding feeling that this was a waste of time and that I was much too old to be sitting in a desk in front of these preening peacocks and copying down everything they said. I almost felt ashamed to be putting myself through the process when I realized that I could pretty much teach myself almost everything that they were teaching. Graduate school extends adolescence to those who should know better. I learned much more in my high school Latin IV class reading Vergil than I learned from the pompous asses who control the American University system.
22 weeks ago
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I suppose it also depends on why one gets an advanced degree. In the show "Big Bang Theory", Walowitz is the only guy in the group without a doctorate. Yet, Howard is also the only one in the group with a (mostly) normal emotional developmental path, a stable relationship and a fun career. Additionally, he's the only one who has a real credit to his name (the space human waste disposal system) whereas the other three are dysfunctional in varying ways and degrees; The most brilliant of the bunch being a misanthrope of the highest order.

I realize it's TV and scripted this way for a reason but often, comedy writers, themselves often committed leftists and lovers of all that is managed by committee, have a way of identifying in microcosm the things that the rest of us can relate to in our daily lives.

So if I person gets advanced degrees for some other reason than to increase their knowledge in their chosen field, be it molecular biology or particle physics, then why?

In the military, they do it to attain higher rank. I always thought it a stupid reason and still do. In "education" it's to increase their salary, another reason for the goal to be misaligned with the purpose of education.

But America is "label-based". Thus, a teacher with a master's degree is "worth more" than one with a mere bachelor's credential. And so on with a doctorate or two, etc.

"They must be really smart". Well, I'm here to telly ya, the "smartest" people I had for professors while in college sucked at teaching. They couldn't explain anything, let alone guide a student through an exercise.

They were also often socially inept; Usually not in their office and hard-pressed to discuss academics when an undergrad had a problem with the material.

Self-serving? Absolutely. Rude, incoherent, aloof, insecure, you name it.

So I have to fall back on the old saw, "Never underestimate the ability of the human genome to game any system". It may have been the intent of educational foundations to attract the "best and brightest" but sadly, it has become a monster of its own making; Where the supposedly best and brightest instead shroud themselves in their secure cocoons of academia and only socialize with their "intellectual equals" (pronounced, "those who they don't feel threatened by").

It's become another American boondoggle. Throw money at it from various sources and become part of the circular admiration society where everyone is an "admired colleague". (gag)

Then, in the real world, the rest of us look at the Sheldon Coopers who can't seem to function at the bus station, let alone carry on a simple conversation. Is it because they are so much more intelligent? Or is it because they can't be bothered to learn and understand simple social conventions and they get excused for their rude behavior?

I'm middle of the road when it comes to intellect. Simply put, like my grandad used to say, "If you're gonna be a smart-ass, you should at least be smart." The same applies in whatever line of work you're into. If you don't know your stuff, or cannot relate it to others who need to know what you're doing, you are immediately useless.

Which, I'm beginning to believe 90% of humanity has become.
22 weeks ago
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Mr. Hudson, you're spot on. I've seen it myself: the longer one stays in American academia, in most cases, the more militant left one becomes.

Case in point: my uncle, who was also the best man at my wedding, has been teaching at a NY state university for dozens of years. 20 years ago he was a moderate. Now, he regularly posts on his Facebook account that he wants me and my family to die agonizing deaths because we're Republicans.

What kind of political philosophy turns family members against one another like this? An evil one, that's for sure.
22 weeks ago
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