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Presidential Sex & Powerless Feminists

Never has subjugating women been so sexy.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


September 4, 2013 - 2:00 pm
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In those pre-Amazon days there used to be a little used bookstore in my town that specialized in harlequin romance novels. For entertainment my girlfriends and I would pop in, pull out the used paperbacks and hold them open by the covers to see where the biggest gaps were between the pages. The joke was that those were the locations of the sexy bits; anxious readers would pull the book open that much further when they got to the good stuff.

Of course, most of those novels were covered in pictures of Fabio dressed as a pirate, a cowboy, or any other profession that was a primarily shirtless endeavor. Today’s most popular dirty novels have an entirely different career man in the lead: POTUS is now the sex object du jour.

In an article titled Why sex with presidents is so hot right now, Salon‘s Amy Odell detailed a disturbing trend in these presidential-themed dirty novels. Afraid of “slut shaming” should their affairs be discovered, “these women are completely powerless to dictate the terms of their affair: If you’re sleeping with the president, you must be available on his schedule, you must not upset him or he could easily banish you from his presence, and you must not tell a soul about it.”

In other words, lest they become the next Monica Lewinsky or wind up like Weiner’s Twitter galpal, they’d better keep quiet and play along. Which, in the case of the novels’ protagonists isn’t hard to do: Forget having the President’s baby, these ladies are sleeping their way up the career ladder. That makes the potential for slut shaming totally worth it. All the ladies are saying it in the hottest reading clubs around town: “At least she’s doing it for her career and not just to be a stay at home mom.” The scoffs are palpable.

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A woman's sex drive is not driven by politics, but by reproduction, even if she's using birth control. She desires to find a powerful male who can protect her and provide for her offspring. Presidents fit that description.

The powerless part is definitely a feminist no-no, but a woman's sex drive doesn't get it's motivations from feminist studies professors (most of whom, I suspect, are lesbians anyway.)

For men, sweet, smart and good looking are usually a killer combination. We would consider her a demi-goddess.
1 year ago
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"I wonder if those books will come with a free set of “presidential kneepads” so readers may practice bowing in sexual submission to their leader."

Shouldn't this read as

"I wonder if those books will come with a free set of “presidential kneepads” so readers may practice b[l]owing in sexual submission to their leader."

Or am I just being crude? Bill C probably wouldn't think so.
1 year ago
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In the case of Nina Burleigh wasn't it the case of a woman who wanted to give her body to the president but was turned down by a guy who was willing to screw a mummy?
1 year ago
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Do women really find Barack Obama sexy? If so, why? He is the beta-most man to win the office of President in my lifetime (and perhaps anyone else's). Maybe some women like him because he would be the guy who would listen to her troubles, drive her to the clinic for an abortion and then split a carton of Ben and Jerry's with her while watching "Beaches". Bah.
1 year ago
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